Are you searching to discover the best prices on snowboard packages? If anything, you’re looking for a great deal by plainly looking for the packages themselves. By seeking out package deals, you are saving money by purchasing the desired snowboard gear together instead of paying for them separately.

So what would you say if I could show you some of the best snowboard packages that can be searched for on Amazon? Would you be a little intrigued? I hope so, because that’s precisely why this review write-up was written.

When you snowboard, what do you do? I enjoy the fresh powder the most. What I do then is stick my headphones in with some hard rock going and head down the hill. I don’t usually go to the park. What I really enjoy doing is heading toward the trees and cruising through them. It’s such a freeing experience. The wind at your face, the slow-pokes behind, and the music blaring in your ears. And all you’re doing is carving your own trails through the wooded forest. Nothing beats that! To me anyways.

This article was written for those people who are just getting into snowboarding. It’s simply a review of two snowboard packages that you might find quite interesting. They are high quality and would do well on any mountain.

We’ve got a couple snowboard packages for you to check out and see if any of them would be suitable for what you are seeking. If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below. To further discover the details of these snowboard packages, you can click on the related image or title and you’ll be sent directly to the respective site for that snowboard package.

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Firefly Rampage Snowboard Package

For only $179.99 on Amazon, you get a high quality Firefly Rampage snowboard and Elan Argon black bindings. Listen to what the company says about their snowboard packages. “When it's time for the little man in the house to hit the mountain for a winter of snowboarding make sure he's outfitted with all the essentials. The Firefly Rampage Snowboard Package has a board and bindings as part of a combo as cool as the temperature. A fun and forgiving board, the Firefly Rampage Snowboard will give your little man the confidence needed to excel into the next level. Easy to maintain, it's the perfect beginner board for the shredder-to-be. The Elan Argon Black Bindings are comfy and can be taken all over the mountain. The base plate has an adjustable toe ramp for quick in and out as well as tool free adjustable straps for a fit just right for your child. There's also a full padding for comfort, support and fit. The Argon will provide you with the adjustability for a versatile performance and the control that will allow your child the confidence to learn and advance to all levels of the mountain. What a way to begin the wicked cool adventure into snowboarding! With the Firefly Rampage Snowboard Package the beginner little rider will gain the confidence and strength needed to become a great man of the mountain!” And this package was originally listed at $499.00! Crazy!

The color is black and blue and the size is 140 cm in length. I don’t know much about Firefly, but the price and what you receive for this price seems like a great deal. It’s definitely one of the best deals on Amazon right now for snowboard packages. So get them while you can.

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Flow Era Snowboard Package - Men 

What you get with one of these snowboard packages:

  • Flow Era Snowboard
  • Ride Contraband LE Binding
  • Flow Rival QuickFit Boots

Her’s what the company says about themselves and their product. “The all-new Era with added carbon is modified this year for more pop and aggressive park as well as all-mountain riding. The Era will allow you to charge cliff lines, blast off park kickers and attack the rails with little effort thanks to the technology dripping from this stick. I-ROCK allows you to carve hard without slipping out, while Whiskey Royale technology keeps the board stable at high speeds and EZ-Traditional sidecut makes turn initiation easier than ever. The Ride Contraband LE Snowboard bindings feature limited edition graphics that until now were only offered to select shop employees. By using the single ratchet V-strap you can be strapped in instantaneously and spend your time lapping the park rather than adjusting your bindings. The Flexlite highback is freestyle orientated for lapping the jump line or riding the handrail down by the high school. Landlite Footbeds provide a direct connection between boot and board. The Rival Snowboard Boot is a performance driven, supportive all mountain boot which is perfect for riders looking to tackle the whole mountain. The Rival Quick-Fit system offers comfort and convenience. Get the micro-adjustability of 2-zone Quick-Fit closures for maximum comfort and minimal bulk. A fully heat moldable liner adds customization to your unique foot type to ensure your boot fits great from the first chair to the ride home. Flow added a full ankle harness system this year for performance enhancing ankle support, and redesigned the boot's lower to integrate a full-length internal EVA midsole. This provides consistent cushioning to the entire foot with the Lo-Pro Outsole for a lighter, more comfortable boot.”

Features include:

  • Base: P-tex
  • Core: Trueflex
  • Construction: Sidewall
  • Effective Edge: 113 cm
  • Waist Width: 24.7 cm
  • Stance Width: 56 cm
  • Stance Setback: Centered

Listed normally at $790.00 for this entire snowboard package, it is currently only $499.95 on Amazon. If you’re in the market for high quality snowboard packages, then either of these would be a great choice. The second option comes with boots and is made from a more reliable manufacturer and company, but both snowboard packages would suit you very well. And I bet they would last for years to come.