Are you looking to find great deals on snowboard packages? If anything, you’re looking for a solid deal by simply looking at the packages themselves. By searching for packages, you are saving money by purchasing the needed gear together instead of separately. Good idea! So what would you say if I could show you some of the best snowboard packages that can be found on Amazon? Would you be a little excited? I hope so, because that’s exactly why this article was written.

We’ve got a couple snowboard packages for you to check out and see if any of them would be suitable for what you are looking for. If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below. For any of these snowboard packages, click on the related image or title and you’ll be sent right to the respective page for that snowboard package. The best of luck to you in your search for the perfect snowboard package.

Snowboard Packages

Rossignol Amber Snowboard/Binding Package - Women

“Rossignol Amber Snowboard Package - Womens - The Rossignol Amber Snowboard Package is perfect for that lady looking for an advanced intermediate to expert level board that they can ride all mountain, but take into the park if they want to. This board features a directional side cut making it ride better regular than it does switch. This improves responsiveness, stability, and edge grip on the groomers and into the variable snow. So whether you are cruising the blues or showing the boys how its really done in the park the Rossignol Amber will be right there with you every step of the way. Elan equals high quality when it comes to winter sports and their Daisy Binding is no exception. As part of this snowboard package, the Elan Daisy Bindings are an excellent all mountain binding for any skill level. The toe and heel padding provides you with protection against heavy impacts and big stomps, while the extended high back EVA padding offers additional comfort through heel side turns without the unwanted pressure points on the back calves when leaning back. Overall, it adds safety, security and comfort to your wintertime adventure. Created just for women, this Daisy Binding has supportive and comfortable elliptical strap construction that reinforces the security of the frame hold. An awesome and stylish choice for the gal that knows what she wants without breaking the bank, the Rossignol Amber Snowboard is a great choice for the riding season.”

The features include:

  • Base: Sintered 4400
  • Construction: Dual Torsion Box Construction
  • Core: Twinwood Core
  • Waist Width: 145 cm

And see what one of the customers had to say about their recent purchase of the Rossignol Amber Snowboard Package: “I recently purchased this board and bindings set after looking everywhere for a set I liked in my price range. I ordered a 145cm, and the bindings that came with them fit perfectly. Both arrived not only in great condition, but right on time as well.

I didn't however realize that they shipped separately, so I got my board a few days before my bindings. When I contacted the seller about it I was amazed at how quickly I got a response back.

One thing I think I'll mention is that in the picture the inside of the bindings look beige, but they are really a nice gold color. (Which is great because I don't like beige, personally. XD)

Anywho, I'm very happy with my purchase, can't wait to try out my new gear, and I look forward to buying from here again. It was very pleasant.”
– Jouhou

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Flow Bliss Snowboard Package - Girls

This board comes in two different sizes: 140 cm and 135 cm, so it’s up to you whether you’d going long or not. Here’s what the manufacturer had to say about their snowboard packages: “The Flow Bliss is light, agile and now with EZ-Rock, the TruTwin, rockered Bliss is better than ever. The Bliss gives your aspiring shred-adonna flex, responsiveness and stability, while still being able to press on park rails and boxes. Toss in a TruFlex core and you have an all-around board for girls. It's ease and steeze exemplified, in the Bliss. Packaged along with the K2 Kat Girls Bindings, it makes for a great ride. Engineered specifically for kids, the Kat's forgiving flex, lightweight, durable design and lasting comfort will keep the focus on what matters; having fun! The Kat isn't just about cute girly graphics, it also packs a punch on the slopes. Fusion Chassis and the Mini-Airframe Highback provide the support needed to help your little snow bunny progress from the beginner area to the double blacks. The padded ankle strap and universal convertible toe strap provide a snug comfortable fit and allow the best energy transfer possible so she can make precise turns. The multi-compatible disc makes this binding well suited for any board with a 2x4 hole pattern configuration.” And following you will find the product features and specs.

Features of the board:

  • Base: P-tex
  • Core: TrueFlex Core
  • Effective Edge: 101 cm
  • Waist Width: 235 mm
  • Stance Setback: Centered

So whether you want to shred it up with the Rossignol or the Flow Bliss, I know you won’t be disappointed. These snowboard packages are worth their price. So go on over to Amazon by clicking their respective images and you’ll find out many more specs, dimensions, shipping information, and descriptions. If you’re planning snowboarding at the best of your ability, don’t fall prey to Burton or K2’s marketing strategies. Find a board package that is both affordable and made of the highest quality. These packages will last you for years to come. And if you decide to purchase either one of these, it would be great to hear your thoughts on your new snowboard and bindings.

So pop in those headphones, snap in your bindings to your new board young lady, and head toward the trees. Cruise through the fresh powder and feel the freedom around you. There’s nothing like snowboarding in the wild of the forest. The best of luck to you!