An animated series called Larva

What? Cartoon Bugs?

The first time I saw Larva, was the clip called "the Fly" and I laughed through the entire thing. I finally found an hour plus long video of all the clips (or most of them) and immediately fell in love with the series. They are fast gaining fans with the simple slapstick humour and skits.

Larva is a 3-D comic animation produced by a Korean animation studio Tuba Entertainment and Synergy Media. Released in 2011 the series is rated for family and has over 100 short clips available. 

The brilliance behind the cartoon is in its simplicity. Beneath 52nd street there is a gutter, under this gutter live city loving bugs, specifically two brightly coloured worms or maggots. The little red one is hot-tempered, impatient and often blames the larger dopier yellow one, to his own demise usually. 

The world of humans rushes by their gutter and all kinds of sweet surprises and not so sweet ones fall into the gutter, this is when the trouble starts and the laughs begin. Sometimes they fight over ice cream or soda, sometimes they get greedy and argue over everything, but if something appears that is against the two of them, they are fast friends again. 

All episodes happen in the small under the street world and the two of them have more misadventures than you can shake a stick at. 

Red and Yellow of Larva
Credit: Tuba Entertainment and Synergy Media

The Starring Bugs of Larva

The main characters are two colourful maggot like bugs who share a living space (a can) under the 52nd st gutter grille.

The smaller reddish coloured maggot, called Red, is the get rich quick constantly screwed guy, who is also easily angered and incredibly unlucky. He kicks like Bruce Lee despite having no limbs and screams like a choir girl. He usually initiates the trouble, yet it almost always backfires and he ends up suffering. 

The larger yellow maggot, surprisingly called Yellow, is not only dopier, but also more gluttonous than Red and the sight of food always makes him lose his mind. He seems to enjoy Reds company and puts up with Reds bouts of anger with ease. Yellow also has a gas problem and when it arises, those nearby lose their lunch, or wish they had. 

The side kicks of the show include an odd bug purple in colour and called, you guessed it, Violet. He tends to hide under the sand popping up his sweet little head now and then, but when he does come up out of the sand - some times from curiosity and other times from feeling threatened - he is wide bottomed with a wide toothed mouth. And he doesn't like pranks or tricks. 

Big horned beetle, who doesn't have a name yet, is the gutters bully, the biggest kid on the block. He likes being first all the time and is not the best at sharing anything he finds, takes or discovers. 

The snail appears as slow and aged and appears few of the shows. He is the one the maggots get the upper hand with but usually by the end the old snail has turned the tables. 

Poo bug is a reddish and black small beetle type bug who is usually seen rolling balls of poo and usually shown as a hard-working and diligent little guy. Like snail finds himself the butt of jokes with the maggots.

Each are great as a stand alone, but when you toss them all into the mix, you wind up with a hilarious combination that anyone can relate to. 

Larva Characters(114619)
Credit: Tuba Entertainment and Synergy Media

The Best of Larva

What makes a cartoon funny is how you relate to it. This is why what is funny for one is not for another. I tend to laugh easily at simple slap stick humour, I enjoy not having to think too much on it to find it funny. Other people many find a story funnier than cartoon visuals. Considering the bugs do not 'talk' in any way, the cartoon relies on story and visuals to get it across to the viewer. 

Below you will find five video clips of the five best episodes or mini clips that I have seen and enjoyed. These clips represent the best waste of my time ever, I still smirk, smile and outright laugh watching them again. I welcome you to leave your opinion in the comments at the end.

In no particular order ... the five funniest Larva episodes. 

Larva Animation: Soda

The episode called Soda nearly had me squirting pop out of my nose. It was one of those surprisingly hilarious clips from a lot of nothing. This episode did a brilliant job in showcasing the horned bully beetles character. 

Larva Animation: Airform

Airform is one we can all relate to .. who doesn't love those plastic little popable bubbles and who doesn't the person who pops them all. 


Larva Animation: Watermelon

The Watermelon episode was a great episode and in hindsight, showcases the nature of Red and Yellow's friendship to a tee. It also brought to light just how sport-like these two are considering they have no limbs. 

Larva Animation: Fishing

Fishing episode is another favorite clip that starts with a good idea, success and then it all falls apart in a series of misadventures, bad timing and luck. No tall fishing tales found here. 

Larva Animation: The Fly

The Fly episode is hands down my favorite one, it never fails to make me laugh. It was the best waste of a minute in a half of my life. 

Some Honorary Mentions

Some honorary mentions for Larva episodes include the maggots fight against mosquitoes and in another case, a bee. Even a spider gets in on the action in a later episode. 

Part of Red and Yellows charm is their curiosity, and when an RC car comes into their possession, they turn into little boys. At least till the big boy comes to play.

Moonlight Waltz episode was a charmer, it's set to music and it has all the bugs battling for a seed.

Seesaw episode is just as lively and forces them all to work together but as always, it ends not in their favour. 

There are well over 100 creative clips of these two worms and their adventures, there is bound to be something for everyone. Let me know what you think of the animated series, the clips or whether I picked the right five episodes, in comments. 


I do not work for Tuba Entertainment or Synergy Media, I do not own the youtube channels that were used in the article.