There is no beginning, there is no end

Cosmologists explain the formation of the universe with this Big Bang theory. This Big Bang theory states something like this.  The universe started from a very huge hot and dense mass and has been expanding to this day.  The time taken up to now is a guestimate of 14 billion years!  

This is certainly not explaining the "beginning" of the universe, but the formation process. Most people like to find answers to the "beginning" of creation, in fact, the beginning of everything. "Beginning" means that prior to that beginning, nothing else existed. To me it is not logical. If we don't accept that nothing else existed prior to that beginning, then we can look at the bigger picture. By simply accepting a beginning of something, we are limiting our horizon of logic and intelligence. If we postulate that someone or something created the universe and that was the beginning, then we are stopping short of asking a "back-track" question : "Who created that someone or something?"

The Universe

The cycle of formation and destruction

Our present existence is but a part of a cycle of "formation, evolution, dissolution and destruction". In astronomy, scientists could observe this "phenomenon" of formation, evolution, dissolution and destruction of planets and stars. There is no beginning and no end. The beginning is from the end, and the end is going to be the next beginning! It is a perpetual cycle. It has been like this in time immemorial and will be likewise forever, ad infinitum.

Within one cycle, there is the "creation" of world systems. Life appears and evolves. The cycle will again go through the stages of "formation, evolution, dissolution, and destruction".

At this point in time, countless world systems go through the different phases of this cycle of existence. Ask any astro scientist and he will confirm this truth.

Stephen Hawking, the famed British astrophysicist and author of the global best seller "A Brief History of Time", is known for proposing that space and time have no beginning and no end.  Beginnings and endings are our own deluded creations. 

You may not agree with what I wrote.  It's OK. So long as we don't allow ourselves to argue without end (pun intended).  Thank you for reading.

Have fun and take care.