The Big Bang Theory is a comedy sitcom series of a different level. The series' first session began in the fall of 2007, and it's currently on it's third session. The show is brilliantly cast with a great combination of characters, along with a cleverly written script. There are 4 super nerds without a great deal of common sense. then there is 1 hot girl with little knowledge of the genius book smarts, but she has a great deal of common sense and street smarts.

The Big Bang Theory Gang

The characters include:

Leonard, played by Johnny Galecki. He is mostly known for his role as Darlene's, live in boyfriend David on the T.V. series Roseanne. Of course, that is sure to change with this refreshingly out the beaten path, funny comedy. Leonard has a PhD in Physics and is a roommate to Sheldon.

Sheldon, is played by Jim Parons, a regular on Judging Amy. Sheldon is an OCD brainiac that is famous for this "Bazinga" phrase, his cool t-shirts and his "soft kitty, warm kitty" song. Sheldon is a very sore loser, is the smartest of them all and can never admit to being wrong.

Penny is the hot, blonde neighbor played by Kaley Cuoco. She also played Bridget on 8 Simple Rules. Penny lives in the neighboring apartment of Leonard and Sheldon. Penny is not a dumb blonde but doesn't stand a chance against these super nerds.

Rajesh Koothrappali is an Indian friend of the Big Bang's gang. He is played by Kunal Nayyar, the writer of the play Cotton Candy. He is a shy, backwards guy when it comes to talking to girls. Actually, he is not even capable of talking to chicks unless under the influence.

Then there is Howard Wolowitz played by Simon Helberg. He has appeared in many comedies including Old School and many appearances on Mad TV. Howard is the lady's man super brainiac. He has a masters engineering degree and lives with his mommy.

The show mostly takes place inside the neighboring apartments of the 2 prodigy physicist, Leonard and Sheldon and Penny. The story takes place in Pasadena, California. Penny works at The Cheesecake Factory and the guys of course work at a "Rocket Science" type place. Some of the scenes take place here, as well as inside of Howard's bedroom at his mother's house.

The Big Bang Theory gives comedy a new twist. Some of the jokes are a bit difficult for the average person. However, the scientific jargon is written to not make people feel on a lower level of existence. It's very ironic how this series full of such complex terms and lango, doesn't make the average person feel stupid, might even learn something new! Although, many times the nerds are considered the underdogs in society. This series is giving new meaning to "Nerds are the New Sexy".

There isn't many sitcoms today that offer this level of humor. The Big Bang Theory is best described as Witty, Cheeky and Clever. Defiantly a notch above many of the shows offered on network T.V. today. The props are great, the tech is great, the acting and directing are out of this world and top notch writing. Plus there is a lot of reference to all the geek things, such as computers, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Doppler Effect and so on. Plus Sheldon's T-shirts are awesome!

The Big Bang Theory, produced by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. Currently, in it's third season, it is part of CBS's prime time schedule as it airs on Monday nights at 9:30 pm Eastern.