There are many Big Bang Theory tee shirts and novelties.  Based upon the popular CBS television series about a bunch of scientific nerds and the women in their lives, these novelty shirts and accessories express many of the popular phrases and situations that The Big Bang Theory Tee Shirt BazangaCredit: in the television show.

Sheldon Cooper, is the brainiest and most socially awkward of the group.  He has no concept of social cues and has a haughty arrogance about his superior intelligence.  Sheldon is the father some of the most popular catchphrases of the series.  For example, Sheldon likes to say the word “Bazinga” whenever he feels he has pulled some kind of track over his less intelligent friends.

This Big Bang Theory T-shirt which features Sheldon or just the word but Bazinga is a popular one.
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Another one of Sheldon’s quirks is that he must repeat things in sequence.  For example, whenever Sheldon knocks on his neighbor Penny’s door, he must always knock three times and say her name.  This is done in triplet.  This peculiar behavior is especially funny because Penny, in Sheldon’s opinion, is far less intelligent The Big Bang Theory Tee Shirts Soft KittyCredit: he because she is a waitress at the cheesecake factory. However Penny has no behavioral quirks, and she often pokes fun at Sheldon and he does not realize it.

Although Sheldon Cooper thinks he is superior, he does become childlike when he is ill.  He has asked Penny on several occasions to sing a song called “ Soft Kitty” that his mother sang to him.  If Penny misses it even one word, she has to begin all over again.The Big Bang Theory Tee Shirt Sheldon's SpotCredit:

Sheldon is also unable to handle change.  He can only sit in one spot of the couch, similar to Archie Bunker, who had his own chair that no one could sit in.  There is a lot of comedic relief in the show when one of the characters dears to sit in Sheldon’s reserved spot on the couch.

The Big Bang Theory Tee Shirt Making Fun of HowardCredit: all of the male characters in the show are highly intelligent, only Sheldon Leonard, and Raj have Ph.D.’s.  Howard, who has a Masters degree from MIT,  is often put down by Sheldon for his inferior intelligence.  Howard counteracts by stating that at least his scientific work gets used on space missions, unlike the others who study physics theory.
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Because Sheldon has a need to compartmentalize everything, he even has different levels for friendships.  You were either a tier one friend, a tier 2 friend, and so on.  Even when he began a relationship with Amy Farrah Fowler, a nuclear biologist with superior intelligence,  he had to create a contract for their relationship.

Leonard is Sheldon’s put upon roommate, who has his own issues with him because they have to live together.  There is a roommate contract that Leonard must abide, or face Sheldon’s going over the contract with him point by point.

Penny and Leonard had a relationship for several seasons.  She still hangs out with the guys, and they were still an attraction between Leonard and her.

Big Bang Theory Novelties
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Because of the show’s popularity, many other items have come out with the catchphrases or likenesses of the show’s characters.The Big Bang Theory Lcense Plate Frame BazangaCredit:

One of the hottest toys for adults is the talking Soft Kitty doll. it sings the Soft Kitty song when you rest its paw.

DriversThe Big Bang Theory Bazinga keychainCredit: can choose from different colored license plate frames that read the Bazinga. This is a fun novelty, as Sheldon , as smart as he does, does not drive.  Keychains with Sheldon’s likeness are also for sale.The Big Bang Theory Trivia GameCredit:

For people who like trivia, there is the Big Bang Theory trivia game.  There are hundreds of questions based upon the popular television program.  rabid fans of the Big Bang theory can also get their fix with this companion book filled with information about the program and the actor’s.  As a treat, you can give the book along with a Big Bang theory bookmark as a gift.

There are many Big Bang Theory tee shirts and other novelties available for fans of the popular television program.  They are fun to wear and will definitely get people talking about the show.