When watching any television channel for 10 minutes at any given time, you will surely encounter a commercial devoted to a weight loss supplement. They can definitely be tempting with their promises of double digit weight loss in less than one week; the real question is whether its better to opt for a supplement to help you lose weight, or to devote your time to weight loss through the genuine way. In this article I will address two weight loss supplements, and use their facts to decide whether the ultimate answer is natural or supplemental.

Hoodia is one of the most popular weight loss supplements in our current society. It is known to be an appetite suppressant, and claims to reduce your appetite by up to 30%; for the sake of this article we will assume that this fact is true. Imagine that you begin your weight loss journey, and you begin to take Hoodia at the same time. You will begin to lose weight immediately because you will feel full after taking in less calories than you did previously. Now imagine that you have met your weight loss goal and you would like to switch to your weight maintenance mode for nearly the rest of your life; what do you think will happen when you stop taking Hoodia? Your appetite will increase by nearly 50% (30/70=42%), which will cause you to consume more calories, which will ultimately cause you to gain the weight back! If you had chosen to take the natural route to weight loss, you would have lost weight at a slower, consistent rate, but you would have been able to keep it off much easier!

Ephedra is very popular in the bodybuilding world because of its significant effect on weight loss through increasing your heart rate and metabolism. Although this supplement got banned in 2004 by the FDA, we will imagine that it hasn't for the sake of this article. It claims to increase your heart rate, which will in turn burn more fat, even at a resting rate. If you can imagine that you began to take the supplement when beginning to lose weight, I'm sure that you can imagine the same effects as stated in the last paragraph would occur; you would lose weight, only to gain it back later.

The overall proving point in these paragraphs is that you are putting your body in an artificial state that it does not want to be in when you take these supplements; and it will seek its revenge when you stop taking the supplement. If you begin taking supplements like these to help you lose weight, you must understand that your body is relying on them for weight loss. Picture the weight loss as a person with a broken leg, and the supplements as the crutches; without the crutches, that person is probably going to lose their balance and all over.

Think of losing weight naturally as a slow earning investment in your body; you will be sacrificing now by losing weight slower, but reap the benefits later by being able to keep the weight off. The choice is entirely up to you! You can choose the easy way out no by taking supplements, and pay the price for a long time thereafter; or you can pay the price now by losing weight in the natural way, and reap the benefits thereafter for as long as you would like to keep the weight off of your body