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Everyone from beach goers, snorkelers, divers, hikers, golfers, big-game fishers, stargazers, nature lovers, and foodies can satisfy their desire for enjoying the best that Hawaii’s Big Island has to offer.  On any day of the week you can take a tour of a tropical rainforest, snorkel in a sea full of the most amazing creatures, or take a helicopter ride over the island and see first had the island’s active volcanoes and beautiful beaches, including the amazing black sand beaches.

If shopping and enjoying good food is your idea of a vacation, then the Big Island is the place for you! Take a day trip to the King’s and Queen’s shopping malls for access to many of your favorite comforts and restaurants, or venture out to the many shops owned and operated by the locals. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, rejuvenation, or have a resolute will to be active, you will find what you’re looking for and more on the Big Island of Hawaii!


The Big Island of Hawaii The Island's VolcanoesCredit: Introspective Pics

 The Island’s Volcanoes

The Island of Hawaii was born from five separate volcanoes, Kohala (extinct), Mauna Kea (dormant), Hualalai (dormant), Mauna Loa (active, last erupted in 1984), and Kilauea (active).

The youngest Hawaiian volcano is Loihi, an active submerged volcano that lies 3,200 feet below sea level, 18 miles southeast of the Hawaii Island, it has been erupting since 1996.


The Big Island of Hawaii BCredit: Introspective Pics


 The Big Island of Hawaii

The Big Island’s breathtakingly beautiful coastline runs over 266 miles, and the island is home to some of the most awe-inspiring and unique beaches found anywhere. You can enjoy the beaches on sands from white to black and the best water recreation found anywhere.

Hawaii’s Big Island has a land mass of 4,028 square miles and represents 62 percent of the total land area of the Hawaiian Islands. Because it is twice the size of all the other Hawaiian Islands combined, and to avoid confusion with the state’s name, Hawaii Island is often referred to as the Big Island. It is said that King Kamehameha the Great named the unified islands after his birthplace, the island of Hawaii.

Not only is the land amazingly diverse, but so are the residents. The U.S. Census Bureau lists Hawaii County as the most ethnically diverse county in the United States with more than 28 percent of its residents claiming two or more races in their heritage.

The Island is also home to the “Paniolo” (cowboys), ranches and rodeos. Parker Ranch is the largest privately owned ranch and one of the oldest in the United States. They own and operate about 175,000 acres across the Big Island. Additional agriculture include macadamia nuts, papaya, avocados, tropical and temperate vegetables, Kona coffee, and flowers. Because of Hawaii Island’s reputation of growing copious beautiful orchids, it has earned the nickname “The Orchid Isle.”

The evidence of various influences from Asia to Europe is most apparent in the delicious island cuisine which blends favorite ingredients brought by multiple ethnic immigrants. The modern Hawaiian cuisine is a fusion of many favorites from Polynesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Portugal, China, and America.

Science and technology have also found a place on the Big Island. There are 13 telescopes, including four of the biggest and most advanced on top of Mauna Kea, the world’s premiere location for observing the sky with exceptionally clear images and clear nights for stargazing.

The Natural Energy Lab of Hawaii (NELHA) operates an innovative ocean science and technology park where they are exploring the deep sea for discovery of natural organisms that can be used as drugs and cures for the improvement of human health. NELHA has already completed numerous groundbreaking projects creating major commercial development such as turning desalinated deep seawater into ultra-pure bottled drinking water.

Along with the beauty of the land, rich traditions, history and culture are seen throughout the island. The world famous spirit of Aloha is the central beauty that engulfs the island, welcoming visitors with warm smiles.


The Big Island of Hawaii Things to do on The Big IslandCredit: Introspective Pics

Things to Do on The Big Island of Hawaii

Take a Sunset and Stargazing Tour. Professional guides with over 50 years of experience. Learn all about the Islands’ geography, cultural and natural history from experts. Enjoy sunset at the summit with a delicious hot supper and hot drinks served at mid mountain.

Take a helicopter tour and get a bird’s eye view of the Island’s volcanoes, breathtaking waterfalls, beaches, and more. There are several companies on the Big Island to choose from, including Safari; Sunshine, Kapohokine Adventures, Blue Hawaiian, and paradise Helicopters.

Attend a sunset luau at several of the hotels and resorts on the island. Relax and enjoy local Hawaiian entertainment, food, and culture.

Swim with the fishes (in a good way!), take a snorkel cruise. See all the wonders that await you under the sea, and don’t forget to bring your underwater camera. Most snorkel companies will pick you up at your hotel and provide you with lunch. It is very important to apply and reapply sunscreen during this activity, so don’t forget to bring it along!

Ride a zip-line through paradise and experience the thrill of flying. The Big Island has one of the longest zip-lines on the island. If you are not afraid of heights or if you want to conquer that fear, this is a great activity for you!

If you’re looking for something different, how about spending the day on ATVs? With three trails to choose from, you can see the beautiful and historic ocean cliffs, swim under a private waterfall or just relax.

Play a round of golf on one of the Big Island’s many golf courses, with breathtaking views of the ocean on several holes.  

Spend a day at the Pua Mau Place Botanic Gardens Arboretum and enjoy the beauty of the island’s flowers. Or visit Lapakahi, Hawaii’s state historical park and learn about some of the native culture and history.

Go shopping at various shopping centers throughout the island, including the King’s and Queen’s shops, located in the Marriott Walkoloa center, close to the hotel. 

You can layout on the beach, read a book, or take a swim in the ocean.  Or, do absolutely nothing but relax and relish your time in “paradise.”

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