Have you ever been betrayed? How does it feel? Do you feel like killing someone? Welcome to the club. Everyone has been betrayed at least once in their lifetime. The reasons why someone might backstab you are multiple. Jealousy is a contributing factor. Other reasons might include power, obsession, money, fame etc. The feeling of betrayal has lead people to their early grave. How many have committed suicide because of being betrayed by someone very close. The fact that a friend, a family member or a neighbor is the person behind the betrayal can make the hurt more profound. You reel in complete disbelief that someone so close could be so cruel to betray your trust. History has shown us that you should really never trust anyone. However, you cannot lead a normal life without trusting people around you. At times it is better to trust and be betrayed than to live in constant fear of betrayal. If the betrayal doesn't kill you, the fear will get the better of you. Betrayal is a fact of life and there is no end in sight. Here is a list of some memorable betrayals in history.

Judas: The name has become synonymous to betrayal. When Jesus chose the 12 apostles, he must have seen something good in Judas before choosing him. One would think Judas changed overnight and decided he was going to betray his lord. Well, it was not so straight forward. Previously to dealing the final blow, Judas had a tendency for petty theft. He had been stealing from the coffers for a while. He probably needed more money and someone offered him 30 pieces of silver to betray his friend was a good offer. He must have thought that it would be easy money. Jesus would perform a miracle and would escape scot free. He was wrong as Jesus was arrested, tortured and killed. Thankfully enough, he was resurrected a few days later. Judas on the other hand was not alive to see the miracle. He committed suicide because he could not deal with the guilt. Well it was already too late to make amends. That reminds you of some murderers. The commit horrendous crimes and later repent once they are in jail. They claim to have found Jesus. The family of the victims would have preferred these criminals found the lord earlier before committing the crime.

Adam and Eve: If you know the story of Adam and Eve, you will know why this is a big betrayal. There are other stories about Adam and Steve, but that is not what this is about. To understand the betrayal of Adam and Eve, you might want to look at it from this angle. If your parents had Millions in their bank account and lead a very comfortable life with all that money can buy. Imagine your parents gambled all that millions before you birth. You were then born into a family with nothing to its name. How would you feel to know that your life could have been different? This analogy explained what Adam and Eve gave the human race as inheritance. They are now dead and we cannot ask them what they were thinking before making that disastrous decision. If they had got it right, we would all be perfect and wouldn't have to suffer from sickness, sorrow, death etc. That was a big betrayal.

Hitler: The infamous Hitler made a name for himself but not in a good way. He had a dream to rule for a thousand years. It is Ok to have dreams but at what price. You don't orchestrate the death of millions just to achieve your dreams. Imagine those who suffered because of his lunatic ways. The Jews and others who suffered in the concentrations camps also had dreams. They've live in the same country for years and had the same values. Hitler wanted a scapegoat to promote is selfish ideas. He blamed all the woes and economic difficulties on the innocent. A lot of people lay the blame at Hitler's' feet but what about the millions who supported him in his lunacy. Those who spied on their neighbors and turned them in to the SS were just as guilty as Hitler was. Those who thought their lives would be better if a group of people were to disappear got it all wrong. The consequences of their naivety and cowardice was a war that destroyed what past generations had spent so many years to build.

Soldiers War Veterans: War is one of those things that you can never justify. There are only losers and no one comes out unscathed. Most soldiers sign up believing it is the right thing to do. You want to defend what is right and you want to protect your civilization. Those who fought in the Vietnam War came back with their tails between their legs. The worst is not the war but the aftermath. How many soldiers survive the war but where emotionally maimed or emotionally dead. Most came back home and no one really cared. There was no finance to help them cope with the consequences of the war and to deal with posttraumatic stress. You should ask Iraq or Afghanistan veterans their opinion on the war. You will be surprise how many would rather never have left the barracks in the US. Who is your enemy? Who cares what you achieve? What solace do you get from a medal pinned to your chest? Most war veterans feel betrayed because war is never justified and nobody cares once they get back from the front.

Human Traffickers: You are promised a job in a richer country. You end up being sold into prostitution. You are sexually assaulted, drugged, threaten and forced to work as a sex slave. The promise that was never kept is the utmost betrayal that most people have had to deal with. A lot never made it back home as they either die of an overdose, murdered, or rejected by their families.

The Church: how many people have been betrayed in the name of the lord. A quick look at religious history will tell you the sad story of what people have endured under the misguidance of the clergy. Does the word, crusade mean anything to you? Recently we have heard a lot about Jihad. The idea is the same. What about the betrayal of young boys and girls by the clergy and the cover-ups? The latest scandal in the Catholic Church is only a shadow of the skeletons lurking in the darkness. The sad thing is how everyone one is trying to deny and minimize the deeds of the evildoers.