Many businesses can take reasonable steps to reduce their energy consumption in order to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills. Of course, another way to achieve cheaper bills at work is to find a new business energy supplier, but this is not always as simple for the biggest business users of electricity. There are some businesses and industries that have a need for a large amount of electricity each day. In these environmentally aware times, are these businesses planning on reducing their usage, turning to renewable energy, or making no changes at all?

Hotels and hospitality

Think about when you go to stay in a hotel. There are many other people staying in that hotel that night, as well as all the other nights of the year. These numbers require a lot of electricity as lights, hairdryers, and electric showers are used constantly. However, in one hotel in Copenhagen, guests can now help to produce green energy for the hotel simply by having a ride on a stationary bike hooked up to generators. If this is popular, it could be spread to all of the chain's hotels in the UK as well; although it might be helped along by the fact that guests who ride for 15 minutes get a free meal voucher!

Hotel Guests Produce Electricity By Exercise Bike

Source: PSFK

Factories and industrial

It is thought that industrial systems can account of over 30% of greenhouse gas generation in industrialised countries [1]. Therefore it is good news to hear that some businesses in this sector are working towards cutting this number. Adnams, a publicly owned brewery in East Anglia, has managed to produce a beer with less carbon output [2]. In fact, with a 0.004p offsetting per bottle, the East Green beer has been deemed carbon neutral! Adnams achieved this by moving centres, even if it would cost them 15% more than a standard building. However, they have managed to reduce their electricity usage by 67% or the equivalent of £49,000 per annum. We'll raise our glasses to that!

Admans East Green

Source: Admans East Green

All the rest

The biggest business users of electricity seem to be those who provide services and products for the rest of the population, but it is positive to hear that some changes are being made. Luckily, pressure is put on these companies by the government, consumers, as well as lobby groups and environmental organisations. We can all do our bit though, reducing our own energy consumption at home and at work, and we can even help out hotels by turning off lights and electrical items when they are not in use. Maybe in a couple of years we can even hop onto a bike for 15 minutes at our hotel!

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