Make-Up MistakesCredit: Tina PhillipsMost women wear makeup, but that does not mean that every woman inherently knows how to apply makeup.  While some women do take classes on how to properly apply makeup or get tips from professional beauticians who apply their makeup for special events, the majority of women were never properly trained on how to apply makeup.  They either learned from their mother or started experimenting as a girl and just “figured it out.” As a result, everyday women all over the world are making huge mistakes with their makeup application.  Here is a guide to the top makeup mistakes so that you don’t make them too.

Mistakes With Foundation

Foundation is the foundation to your makeup application.  If you pick the wrong foundation or apply it incorrectly, your whole look will be off.  The first step to a beautiful makeup application is a proper foundation.  Therefore, it is important you avoid these common foundation mistakes.

Using The Wrong Foundation & Concealer

Women often pick the wrong color foundation and concealer.  They will pick a color that is either too light or too dark or with the wrong undertones.  It is important to make sure that your foundation and concealer is not only your exact shade, but that if you have pink undertones you pick a foundation with pink undertones and if you have yellow undertones, pick a concealer with yellow undertones. In order to ensure you have the correct color when purchasing foundation, test out several shades on your cheek.  Then step outside into natural light and using a hand mirror, look to see which shade matches your skin tone the best.

Many women are tempted to buy cakey foundations because they are believed to give greater coverage and hide imperfections.  However, if you use a cakey foundation, particularly if it is the wrong shade, your face will look unnatural and mask-like.  Instead purchase a light, liquid foundation that is appropriate for your skin type.  For an even and flawless application, apply foundation after applying a moisturizer with a make-up sponge.

Not Blending Foundation

If you do not blend your foundation, you will end up looking like you are wearing a mask. Be sure to blend, blend, blend your foundation into your neck to prevent the dreaded demarcation line across the jaw and also be sure to pay special attention to blending foundation into your hair line until all foundation lines have vanished.

Applying Too Much Foundation

In an effort to cover skin imperfections, many women are tempted to go overboard with the foundation.  Too much foundation has the same effect of cakey foundation--unnatural and mask like.  If you are looking to cover skin imperfection use a concealer in addition to foundation.

Mistakes With Eye Makeup

When most people are asked what their best feature is, they say their eyes, so it is important to accent the eyes and make them sparkle.  Yet, there are a series of mistakes that women make everyday where instead of accenting their beautiful eyes, they are doing themselves a disservice by not making the most of their top asset.  Be sure to avoid these common eye makeup mistakes.

Overdrawing Eyeliner

Eyeliner should not be used to exaggerate the shape of eyes or try to make the eyes look larger. Most women will attempt these tricks with eyeliner, especially with liquid eyeliner, without knowing what they are doing.  Instead, women should just use liner as close to the eyelashes as possible to accentuate their lashes.

Unfinished Liner

Many women only use eyeliner along half of their eyes which not only looks silly but can make your eyes look smaller.  Instead, a soft line around the eyes can make them look bigger.  In order to achieve a soft line, smudge the line toward the inner corner of your eye.

Choosing The Wrong Color Eye Shadow

Choosing the wrong color eye shadow is one of the biggest mistakes that women can make.  First, never match your eye shadow to your eye color it will cause your eyes to disappear.  Second, never match your eye shado to your outfit, it is outdated and not a good look.  Third, do not combine a bunch of bright, shocking colors that clash on your eyes.  Finally, do not use blush as an eye shadow.  Instead, you should focus on using muted colors that complement your eye color that are in the same family and blend them well.

Mascara Clumps

Clumpy mascara is not a look that anyone wants.  In order to avoid clumps, remove excess mascara from the brush before applying.  In order to get a the thick lash look, apply several thin coats of mascara.

Adding Mascara To the Bottom Lashes

Mascara on the bottom lashes will make those lashes look weird if they are long and mascara on the bottom lashes will smudge.  When applying mascara, just stick with the top lashes.

Mistakes With Lipstick and Lip Liners

Every woman wants beautiful, kissable lips, but unfortunately many women make these common mistakes when applying lipstick and lip liner.

Dark Lip Liner With Light Lipstick

Combining dark lip liner with light lipstick is a huge no, no! It looks horrible. Lip liner is meant to look natural and blend into your lips. As a rule of thumb, always pick lip liners that are close to your natural lip color. If you must use a dark lip liner, use it to color in your entire lips and do not use a lipstick on top, instead use a clear lip gloss.

Drawing Lip Liner Beyond The Lip Line

Lip liner is meant for your lips not your skin! You may think that drawing lip liner outside the line of your lips will make your lips look larger, but it will just make you look like a clown.  Skip to lip plumpers or optical illusions such as a dab of clear gloss on the center of your lower lip to get the effect of larger lips.

Using Lipstick On Chapped Lips

When your lips are chapped, they are flakey and uneven. Lipstick on top of chapped lips looks ridiculous and will flake off as your skin flakes off. Skip the lipstick when your lips are chapped and instead go with lip balm. If you must wear lipstick with chapped lips, exfoliate your lips with an old toothbrush before applying the lipstick.

General Makeup Mistakes

The following is a list of general makeup mistakes women make in addition to those listed above.

Obvious Blush Line

When women use the brush that comes with their blush compact, they often end up with a strong, unnatural line of blush. Instead, use a bigger makeup brush that will apply blush color more evenly. For a perfect blush applicattion, gently tap off excess powder on the brush before applying. For a natural glow, smile and apply blush in short, upward strokes on the apples of your cheeks. Then blend the blush up into your hairline and towards your ear.

Emphasizing Too Many Features

Women will attempt to focus on all of their features: lips, eyes, and cheekbones and over do it.  Less is always more and in the same vein of Coco Chanel’s advice that you should always take off one accessory before leaving the house, you should only focus on one feature.  Pick the lips or the eyes, not both.  If you go for exaggerated eyes, go for simple lips.  If you go for a dark, rick pouty mouth, go natural on the eyes.


Many women will make their whole face shimmer by using a shimmery eye shadow, a shimmer all over the face, and a shimmery lip gloss.  Just as advised above, less is more and don’t over do it. Just pick one feature and make it shimmer, not your whole face!