A couple of weeks back I was watching a Frank Kern seminar on YouTube. In case you are not familiar with Kern, he is one of most successful internet marketers in the business. While discussing the strategies that he used to build his online business and, more importantly, his massive email list, he answered the question that was going through everyone’s mind.

How did you get traffic to your squeeze pages or sales page? Kern simply said that he bought the traffic. He went on to say that he does not do any SEO because it takes too long and it is too confusing. Kern also mentions that not only was he able to build huge email list, but he was able to build the list fast.

Frank Kern
Credit: http://www.frankkern.com

Frank Kern during one of his seminars.

After watching this seminar I quickly realized the biggest mistake that people make, including myself, who do business online, is not buying traffic. Most internet marketers, including myself, focus so much on search engine optimization or SEO for traffic and pretty much abandon paid traffic methods. The fact of the matter is that while free traffic is great you should not rely solely on SEO as your traffic strategy. The more effective option would be to utilize SEO in conjunction with paid advertising.

Of course search engine optimization strategies work. However the problem is that it usually takes between 60 to 90 days before you start to see results. The other thing is that implementing effective SEO strategies can take a lot time and is extremely labor intensive. Lastly, search engine ranking algorithms are constantly changing. This means that one day you are on page one of Google and after an algorithm (Panda or Penguin) update you are off the grid.

On the other hand, paid traffic methods can be implemented very quickly and inexpensively. In most cases you are able to target your promotions to certain customers. Lastly, there are several different types of paid traffic methods that you can use for your online promotional strategy.

Paid Traffic Methods You Can Use To Get Traffic To Your Website

Here are a couple forms of paid advertising that you can use to generate traffic to your website.

  1. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  2. Pay Per View Advertising (PPV)
  3. Banner or Display Advertising
  4. Ezine or Newsletter Advertising

1. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

This advertising model allows you to pay to be at the top of the search engine listings. The way that it works is that you bid for certain keywords or keyword phrases that your target customers are searching for. You are basically bidding against other online businesses that are targeting the same customers that you are targeting. The person who has the highest bid is the person that will rank the highest in the search engines.

If you were to go to a search engine like Google and do a search you will normally see sponsored results listed on the top followed by the organic results. The sponsored results are paid advertisers and the organic results are web pages that are naturally listed.

For most pay per click programs the minimum cost per click will be about 5 cents. Depending on the niche or market you are involved in it can cost much more per click. You do not pay anything unless someone clicks on your sponsored listing.

Some of the major pay per click providers that you should know about are:

  • Google Adwords (For Google search engine listings.)
  • Microsoft Adcenter (For Bing and Yahoo search engine listings.)
  • 7Search

Most pay per click providers require a minimum start up amount from anywhere between $25 and $100. In addition to that, they will usually give first time advertisers an additional credit just for signing up.

Example Of Pay Per Click Ads In Google

Pay Per Click Advertising
Credit: Google.com

Example of sponsored listings from Google Adwords in the Google search engine results.

2. Pay Per View Advertising (PPV)

Pay per view or PPV also referred as cost per view or CPV is an advertising model that uses pop-ups, pop-unders and interstitial ads. An interstitial ad is a web page that is displayed before or after an expected content page.  

The way that PPV works is advertisers bid on keywords and keyword phrases targeting specific customers. Then when users enter those keywords or keyword phrases the advertisers webpage will appear as a pop-up, pop-under or interstitial ad.

The key difference between PPC and PPV is that with PPV the user will see the advertiser’s webpage anytime that they type in the specific keyword or keyword phrase. With PPC the user will have to choose whether to click on the sponsored listing or not.

PPV services are very popular amongst online advertisers because the average cost per view is about 2 cents. The only drawback is that certain niches perform better with PPV versus others. So you will definitely need to test out whether PPV will work with your niche or market before rolling out a full campaign.

Some of the PPV services that you should be aware of are:

  • Direct CPV
  • LeadImpact
  • Traffic Vance

The minimum cost to sign up for a PPV service is usually around $100 depending on the service.

3. Banner And Display Advertising

Banner and display advertising model works by advertisers buying ad space on particular websites. Advertisers look to buy ad space on websites that cater to their target market.

The cost of banner advertising space on a website will depend on the popularity of the website, size of the ad, and ad placement. There are websites that actually sell advertising on the behalf of web publishers.

Different Types Of Banner Ads Sizes

Banner Ad Sizes
Credit: http://www.wikipedia.com

Here are some websites where advertisers can purchase ad space.

  • BuySellAds.com
  • BannerGarage.com

In addition to using these advertising marketplaces to buy ad space you can look at individual websites or blogs to see if they sell advertising.

4. Ezine And Newsletter Advertising

There are a lot of website that have an ezine or newsletter that they distribute to their email subscribers. The great thing about an ezine or newsletters is that the topics are specific and the audience is usually targeted, which is great for advertisers.

The types of ads that ezine or newsletter offers are:

  • Classified Advertising
  • Sponsor Ads
  • Solo Ads

Classified ads are usually only 3 to 5 lines of text with a link and his usually the least expensive ad placement.

Sponsor ads usually vary by size and location in the newsletter. It is common to see ezines offer top sponsor, middle sponsor, and bottom sponsor ads with the top sponsor ad being the most expensive and the bottom sponsor ad being the least expensive.

Solo ads are ads that are sent to all of the ezine subscribers independent of the ezine. Out of all of the ad offerings a solo ad is the most expensive.

The price of the ads will depend on the niche and subscriber base.

Here are two ezine directories that you can use to find ezines and newsletters to advertise in.

  • The Ezine Directory
  • Directory Of Ezines

Special Note: In addition to providing you with a list of ezines to advertise the Directory of Ezines site offers you tons of extra training.

Final Thoughts On Buying Traffic

The bottom line is buying traffic is faster and more efficient way to build up your customer base and email list than SEO. Consequently, it is in your best interest as a person who does business online to utilize paid traffic methods in addition to your SEO efforts.