History of the Triads

The Triads where originally monks who were unhappy with the way things were, why the empire fell

The Asian Triads were the answer to the ending of the Qing dynasty, who ruled the chinese people with mercilessness. Hundreds of years ago, a group of monks who had enough of the tyranny, established a secret group where they recruited and trained monks to put an end to the Qing dynasty. After China became a republic, their purpose was gone, and then most of the groups went into criminal businesses, such as human trafficking and narcotics.



Asian Triads

The Sun Yee On Triad

All of the biggest Traids are based in Hongkong, even tho their subgroups operate in a dousin of countries worldwide.

The Sun Yee On Triads is believed to be the biggest Triad group in the world, with 60.000 official members. The group is operating in a dousin of countries, including China, Japan, the US, United Kingdoms, Belgium, France and The Netherlands. The group was established almost a hundred years ago and carry on their traditions through generations. Their primary income comes from blackmailing and protection money, which is kind of ironic since their name means "New Justice and Peace" in english.
Their consecration ritual consists of drinking a bowl of your own blood, consuming ash, and at last by rinsed down with chinese wine. Afterwards the person in charge breaks the bowl, to symbolize the punishment one will suffer, if they should betray their group.


The 14K Triad

14K is the second biggest Triad group worldwide, and Sun Yee Ons biggest opponent. The group was formed in the 1940's by Kuomintang Lieutenent-General Kot Siu-wong.

The group consists of 20.000 official members, who are split into a dousin of subgroups. Their primary income comes from narcotics, specially opium/herion from southeast Asia which is then shipped to various destinations, as the group operates worldwide aswell. Besides narcotics, they are also involved in arms and human trafficking, gambling, prostituion, counterfeiting and money laundering.
The group got its name, from the founders initial letter, and the number 14 because of the 14 members in the Kuomintang party, which was the Chinese Nationalist Party, who their founder Lieutenent-General Kot Siu-wong was a part of.
The 14K is known for being the most violent group, because of the many subgroups, it is quite hard for a dragonhead to govern all the members, why there also is a more 'lose connection' in this triad group. Even tho the group is located in Hongkong, the main activities is in the North American cities such as LA, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.
In 2008 one of the members were involved in a failed kidnapping of a 5-year old girl from a wealthy chinese family. The plan was to get a $500.000 ransom, but they were found before pay-off.

The Wo Shing Wo Triad

This Triad group was formed in 1930 and is known for being Hongkongs biggest drug cartel

The group was orignally formed in Chinatown, Toronto in 1930, but after 1 year, the group relocated to Hongkong with the purpose of establishing an anti-british group. In 1932 they already had 15 subdiversions in Chinatowns worldwide. During WW2 they helped invaders in China by invading local villages and their citizens.
In 2005, they were considered Hongkongs no. 1 drugtrader, besides that, they were also selling narcitics in Japan, China, Thailand and Austrailia. Even today, it is believed that powerful businessmen and politicians are secret supporters of the Triad gang.
From 2006 to 2010 they even controlled 3 important bus-routes, they required a monthly fee of $10.000 from the few drivers who got permission to drive on the routes, and then made sure nobody else could drive through, enabling the few drivers to make massive income due to the low competition. They elect their Dragonhead (Leader) once every two years.