Lovely Amber Colored Citrine

Each month has a unique birthstone with its own set of properties and background, and the specific birthstone for November is citrine. It's usually colored a warm yellow-amber shade paying homage to a lively sunflower, but can range from the deep oranges of autumn leaves to the pale yellow of midday sunlight. The stone is symbolic of power and hope and is commonly given as a present to a friend or beloved one who could also be in need of an ethical boost. It is notably meaningful to individuals who have it as their birthstone.

A Couple of Interesting Citrine Facts

Citrine is naturally present in igneous rock and comes in a variety of yellow colors due to its inclination to vary shades when subjected to different temperatures. It is close in make-up to amethyst, being a yellow quartz form of the purple quartz. By definition citrine is quartz that naturally occurs in an orange or yellowish shade. It happens rarely in nature but synthetic or heated citrine is fashioned cheaply by taking low grade amethyst and heating it until the specified color is attained. Natural citrine tends to have a paler shade whereas heated citrine is usually a deeper tone.

In the past, it was used as a lucky charm to guard against medical illnesses, a malevolent mind-set and even as prevention from poisonous snakes. It came into favor in the Romantic period when craftspeople started using it to intensify heat golden hues in jewelry and sculptures.  Nevertheless, it was used as jewelry long before that, maybe as far back as the early Romans who carried it in its simplest form - polished but uncut. 

Suggestions for Wearing Citrine Jewelry

Those that have citrine as their birthstone can enjoy incorporating it into their individual style by adorning citrine jewelry. It lends itself particularly well to rings because of its alluring warm tone; making citrine rings a well-liked approach for the November-born to exhibit their birthstone. It also looks first-class as a centerpiece or pendant worn on a simple necklace or as a pair of stud earrings. Since the shade can be so vibrant, it is a good suggestion to pair it with a simple jewelry setting to avoid overwhelming the wearer.