The Biryani House Cart is one of the many food carts located on Liberty Plaza in Downtown Manhattan.  The Biryani House Cart is distinct from the traditional food carts in New York City in that it offers Indian fare.

Biryani House Cart Menu (1)Credit: Andrea H. @ midtownlunch.comBiryani House Cart Menu (2)Credit: Andrea H. @

When Biryani House opened downtown, the most exciting thing (for me) was that they offer kati rolls.  I am a lover of kati rolls and when I worked in midtown, I frequently enjoyed kati rolls from either the Biryani Cart or The Kati Roll Company.  (BTW, Meru of Biryani Cart is an awesome guy and as The FoodRandomist discovered, he will make a special off menu "straight habenero" kati roll if you ask.)  When I began working downtown, I was disappointed that there was no nearby place to get kati rolls.  I was thrilled when Biryani House set up shop in Liberty Plaza and made kati rolls an accessible lunch.

I have had kati rolls from Biryani House on multiple occasions, but recently I decided to have their namesake and tried their chicken biryani. The chicken biryani is $6 and includes a soda or a water. The chicken biryani includes chicken and biryani rice (obviously) as well as a hard boiled egg and salad on the side.  The salad consists of the typical iceberg lettuce as well as some sliced tomatoes and a spicy, pickled pepper.  The biryani also has currants and what tasted like crispy onions.  The chicken biryani is topped with fresh cilantro, raw onions, dried spices, white sauce, hot sauce, and green sauce.  I asked for extra green sauce because I love all green sauces. (I'm a huge cilantro fan!)

The biryani was delicious and had some definite heat. The biryani rice itself was very moist--somewhat more moist than traditional biryani but was very tasty.  Some of the chicken pieces were dry and did not appear to have any type of marinade or spice rub, but the sauces combined for perfect flavor.  I am not a huge fan of hard boiled eggs, so I only ate about half of my egg.  It was a typical hard boiled egg. The sauces were excellent.  They all melded together, so it is difficult to parse out and differentiate the individual flavors of each of the sauces.  The portion of the biryani at the bottom that did not have any sauce was unfortunately less flavorful.

The Biryani House Cart is located on the portion of Liberty Plaza in front of 140 Broadway.  If you are facing 140 Broadway with Broadway behind you, the Biryani House Cart is on your left.  It is across Liberty Street from Sephora.

Biryani House is definitely one of New York's great food carts and everything I have every tried from them is delicious.  A fellow luncher on line recommended their chicken tikka masala and declared it to be even better than the chicken biryani--I will have to check it out during my next lunch from Biryani House.

Pictures of the Biryani House Cart’s complete menu (courtesy of Downtown Lunch) are below: