The Black and Decker electric edger is one of the best landscaping tools that you can use; not only will it make your the edges of your lawn look trimmed and clean, but it is also really easy to operate! There are plenty of landscaping tools that can be deemed as being more important than an electric edger; however, it will make the difference between a GOOD looking lawn and a GREAT looking lawn.

Electric Edgers Will Create A Clean-Cut Edge Between The Lawn And Flower Bed

You can use a grass trimmer to create a clean-cut edge between the lawn and flower bed; however, there will always be some grass or dirt that overhangs. An electric edger is one of the only landscaping tools that will allow you to do so! An edger will add some definition to the edges of your lawn, and allow the separation between the lawn and driveway to be seen from the street!

How Does An Edger Work? How Does It Landscape My Lawn?

An electric edger is a rather simplistic landscaping machine; however, it will literally work wonders when it comes to defining the edges between your lawn and flower beds.

There is a blade on the head of the machine; this blade rotates and cuts through the edges of your lawn. Your only job in using the electric edger is to actually guide the machine around the edges of your lawn. This action requires virtually no force, and will allow you to edge your lawn without breaking a sweat!

The Black And Decker Electric Edger Is Better Than A Gas Powered One Because...

Some people prefer to use a gas powered edger, and others prefer electric ones. I would highly recommend an electric edger for defining the edges of your lawn because it is more of a household landscaping tool than an industrial one! With that being said, here are some of the benefits:

Much lighter than gas powered tools- Make an attempt to hold any of the gas-powered landscaping tools (such as a trimmer, edger, or leaf blower) for more than 10 minutes, and I can guarantee that your forearms will be sore for days! The majority of the weight in gas powered landscaping tools comes from the combustible engine; however, an electrical edger does not have a combustible engine, and therefore, weight much less!

You will not have to waste money on gas- Although gas powered trimmers produce a lot more power to cut through the grass and dirt, filling them up with fuel can be pretty costly. Buying a Black and Decker electric edger will save you money in the long run because it is a one-off investment into landscaping your house. All that you must do is plug the lawn edger into an electrical outlet, and you will be able to use it for hours on end!

The Electric Landscape Edger Comes With A 2 ¼ Horsepower Motor

2 and a quarter horsepower may not sound like a lot of power when being compared to the hundreds of horsepower that car engine’s have; however, it is a substantial amount of power in the eyes of a landscaper! The 2 ¼ horsepower motor in this electric landscape edger comes from an 11 amp motor that is powerful enough to cut through the thickest lawns! Edging a lawn can sometimes take up to a full hour, so you should have a machine with a decent amount of horsepower to last through the entire session. More horsepower also means less stress on your landscape edger, which translates into a machine that has a long lifetime!

I am not saying that Black and Decker produces the best electric edger for your landscaping needs; however, I am opening your eyes to the benefits that this product offers! Not only will this edger help to transform your yard, and increase your home’s curb appeal, but it is also one of the easiest landscaping tools to learn how to use! All that you must do is plug it into an electrical outlet, pull the edger’s trigger to start the blade, and maneuver it around the edges of your lawn!

Head on over to your local sport and outdoor store and you will easily see that there are hundreds of electric edgers to choose from. A few of the factors to keep in mind when choosing one are the amount of hosepower that the motor has, the company that produces the landscaping tool, and the depth of the blade that it comes with. The Black and Decker electric edger is not the best landscaping tool that you will find on the market; however, it will definitely cut the edges on your grass with precision!