What is the SR22 Insurance Process?
The method for gaining SR22 coverage  is not hard. You need to speak with agent who will file the forms for you and set up your  policy. If you already have insurance, you can either talk to your existing car insurance firm or shop around.

The form itself is normally filed by your insurance carrier, but you will be required to reply its financial queries and submit it. Normally you will be obligated to submit the form annually for a few years until the necessity is removed.

DUI/DWI Conviction and SR22 Insurance
There are normally two things that can occur once your insurance carrier finds out about your DUI/DWI conviction. They will either raise your rates, which will happen no matter what, or they will drop your coverage. If they drop your coverage, the court will be required you to maintain Arizona SR22 insurance.

No matter what the cause of your need for SR22 insurance, you will need to ready yourself that it will rate you more than regular vehicle policy coverage. There is generally no way around this fact. 


Why Do You Need Arizona SR22 Insurance?
If you have been ordered by the courts to get and sustain Arizona SR22 insurance, you still might have queries about why you would need it. There are various explanation why you would be needed to have it. Since each state has various rule and regulations related to automobile insurance coverage, there are some variances in each state.

What is an SR22  form?
It is a form filed by your auto insurance company with the state department of motorized vehicles and provides current proof of financial responsibility. Reasons a driver could be needed to file form would be for driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, driving on a suspended license, no insurance tickets or an accident while not insured.


The document itself won’t cost you money but the insurance firm you decide deal with will view you as a high risk when they insure you. Your rate will possibly vary depending on many things such as: the offence that required you to have SR22, Arizona minimum laws, your gender, your automobile type, your credit rating, the type of plan you want.

How to Get Your Arizona Driver's License Reinstated
If your driver's license has been suspended due to a DUI or Implied Consent violation, you will need to do the following to get it reinstated: Pay reinstatement fee.

1. Pay the application fee.
2. File an SR22 certificate with the MVD.
3. Provide proof of ignition interlock installation.

If you are found driving without insurance, you may have your automobile registration and driver license suspended. Once your suspension is over you must be able to prove financial obligation to receive reinstatement of your registration and driver license.