The Bloody Crumpets are not your typical back-up band. You will not find them sitting on stage behind their instruments, for they have none, but you will find them all over the stage. You will find them singing, acting, dancing, walking on stilts, playing with fire and pouring tea…yes, I did say pouring tea. They are dressed in corsets and combat boots with little else and their hair colors range from blonde to bright red. They have a sense of style that is all their own and they wear it very well. The line-up has changed quite a bit in years, but has been pretty stable since 2009. The members range from models to circus performers and they get on quite well in live shows. Adding humor along with the music and tea party.

The point of this article is not to give you the life story of each Crumpet, but to give you a taste, a small sampling of each of the current all-female back-up band members that tours with Emilie Autumn.

The first member I will speak of is The Naughty Veronica, real name Veronica Varlow. She joined The Bloody Crumpets in 2007 and has been with them practically from the beginning. She is a model, a dancer, an actress, and a burlesque artist. She is married to a film director by the name of Burke Heffner. The two of them have done a movie together, called Revolver, currently on hiatus at present time while they find someone to produce it. She also has a website called, it’s a website full of clothing, accessories and whatnots in a 1950’s sense of style. And I am seriously looking at pair of those stockings for myself, not saying which ones, however.

Now, onto the second current member, The Lady Aprella. Aprella is the one that has been with Emilie the longest, joining in May of 2007. She is an international model, which has been featured in photographs, paintings, commercials, a few movies and television shows, fashion magazines, and of course, burlesque shows. She was in the short horror movie entitled “Tapped” in 2007, the short horror movie entitled “Dracula’s Daughters vs. The Space Brains” in 2010 and in the short drama movie entitled “Condemned” also in 2010, but has not been released. When I say short I mean really short. “Tapped” was only 14 minutes long, “Dracula‘s Daughters vs. The Space Aliens“ was only 5 minutes long and “Condemned” was only 14 minutes long.

Now, onto my personal favorite of the bunch, Captain Maggot…yes, I did say Maggot. Her real name is Maggie Lally and has been with Emilie since September 2008. She is a circus performer and a singer. She walks on stilts during shows and dances with fire hoops. Not at the same time, by the way. She is also the lead singer in a band called Insects VS. Robots. Just imagine a red haired pixie dancing with a hula hoop that is on fire, quite impressive I might say!

The fourth and final current member is known as The Blessed Contessa. Her real name is Contessa Montebello. Like Captain Maggot, Contessa is a circus performer whose act includes fire eating, fire spitting and aerial acrobatics. She joined Emilie and The Bloody Crumpets in September 2008. Imagine being in a room full of people, Emilie is on stage singing and above the stage is a raven haired beauty dangling from a piece of cloth, doing aerial acrobatics almost above your head, quite hot indeed.

There are past members of The Bloody Crumpets, but I will not mention them here, for that may end up as a future article.