The BR-160 By Blueridge, The Most Affordable Vintage Style HD-28 Copy In The World

The Blueridge BR-160 - The HD-28 Alternative For Less Than $800 Dollars

The D-28 Design For Under $800

Make no mistake about it the Martin D-28 is one of the world's most desired guitars.  It's been that way since before the second world war, and it isn't going to change soon, if ever.  A dreadnought of rosewood and spruce simply has a special sound when put together with a high X bracing pattern, and crafted of all solid woods; these things aren't much contested.  The world over persons either own these guitars, or want to own one.

Seeing as how desired and desirable the Martin D-28 is and always will be, it is little wonder indeed they cost what most consider a pretty penny.  I've owned a Martin D-28 in the past, an HD-28VR, and I own two similar guitars to this day.  I know these guitars, I've played and perused hundreds and hundreds of them.  One thing in recent years has happened, and that thing is Blueridge guitars happened.  You can own a guitar no less than a Martin D-28 from Blueridge, and at less than a thousand dollars new.

The Beautiful Inlay Of A Blueridge Dreadnought's Headstock

Blueridge BR-160 Headstock

Inexpensive But NOT Cheap!

These guitars by Blueridge are inexpensive, but they ain't cheap.  There is, of course, a huge difference between inexpensive and cheap.  For less than $800 US dollars (prices will fluctuate at times) you can get a guitar virtually identical to one made in the USA priced at around $2,600.  I believe I paid $1700 for my Martin HD-28VR because mine was the showroom floor display instrument, and it had some belt buckle scratches on it, and then they sold it to me in a cheaper hard-shell case than a Martin like mine was supposed to come with.

This instrument is the same guitar as the Martin HD-28, it is a high X herringbone, forward shifted scalloped braces, solid spruce top, solid East Indian rosewood back and sides; and I can hardly believe the literal truth of these instruments - they sell for so little.  These guitars are made in China, and the Chinese are making them and selling them internationally for these prices, prices far below Martin's prices.  These are not shoddy knock off's of Martin; in fact, there are many Martin D-28's in existence that these guitars would absolutely and without doubt be vastly superior to.  The forward shifted, scalloped, "high X" bracing this instrument has make it a superior guitar in many many ways to the D-28's Martin was making in the 1970's.  As I said before, this guitar, the Blueridge BR-160 is going to be built to near identical specs as the modern D-28V's by the legendary C.F. Martin & Corporation.

The Blueridge BR-160 Sound Check. I LOVE This Guy!


Like the man in the video above says, "this guitar is your choice!"  I concur, good Sir.  If you're in the market for a professional grade dreadnought of the rosewood and spruce persuasion, and you can't afford the venerable D-28, then this guitar is FOR YOU.  It is the single best instrument of all solid wood, dreadnought body and scale, and at the best possible price in this, the best of all possible worlds.  The only consideration for you here is to decide whether or not the mahogany body Blueridge BR-140 isn't the instrument with the tonal pallet you'd prefer.  If it's the rosewood sound you desire, and you would like to sound like Tony Rice, then it's the BR-160 all day long, every day; because a hundred grand for a pre-war D-28 just ain't about to happen for you. Nine thousand for the Martin D-28GE is a mere dream of prosperity; and if you can't sound terrific with the BR-160 by Blueridge, there's no real point to ever own anything more fine, ever.

Regarding the particular and vintage style specifications for this instrument, they are as follows:

*Solid sitka spruce top

*Solid East Indian rosewood back and sides

*solid one piece mahogany neck

*Ornate mother of pearl inlay in peghead or headstock

*East Indian rosewood fingerboard or fretboard, and bridge

*Vintage style delicate herringbone inlay rosette

*Vintage style 14:1 ratio enclosed Kluson style tuning machines with butterbean buttons

*Natural high gloss finish

*Dual action steel truss rod in the neck for adjustments

*Bone nut and saddle - this guitar is primed for loud, clear tonality and lasting sustain

*20 frets, 14 clear of the body - traditional rosewood flatpicking style dreadnought design and scale

*Deluxe hardshell case

This fine instrument is one of the Blueridge best sellers; and it is going to be for years to come so long as they are made.  I honestly expect the price for these guitars to increase, and am fairly well shocked at the current price on  If you already know you want a Blueridge dreadnought with a rosewood body, but you could spend more, then you should also be certain you look into the BR-2060 Lonesome Pine Fiddler's guitar.  Thank you for reading.