Here's a list of the BodyRock.TV exercise equipment that will help you get best body results. BodyRock.TV was created by Zuzana and Frederick Light. While Frederick is behind the camera, Zuzana completes intense interval training exercises in which she sometimes uses four pieces of exercise equipment to get her body rock solid.

BodyRock.TV Exercise Equipment


Gymboss Interval Timer

Gymboss Interval Timer

The most important piece of exercise equipment Zuzana uses during all of her workouts on BodyRock.TV is the Gymboss interval timer. This small device is what all of her exercise routines evolve around. BodyRock is an interval training-based workout and anyone attempting to follow the workout routines needs a timer because knowing when to switch exercises is a necessity. Once you set your interval times, just start the timer and begin the routine. The beeps on the timer will keep you on pace with all the changing movements of Zuzana’s exercises.

Jump Rope Skipping Rope






 Skipping Rope

Little do children these days understand how much of a cardio workout and calorie-burning exercise routine a simple jump rope is. According to Zuzana, it’s cheaper and more effective than using a treadmill. Though one may not associate a jump rope with exercise equipment, skipping rope can burn as much as 200 calories during a 15 minute routine. A jump rope can definitely help you burn off extra calories quickly in a short amount of time. This is why the BodyRock.TV exercises work to slim you down quickly.

Dip Station

Dip Station

Used in many of the BodyRock.TV routines, the Ultimate Body Press dip station is the best piece of exercise equipment that builds your triceps, abs, shoulders and more. There are multiple exercises you can do with the dip station as shown by Zuzana’s routines. Though it might look like a large piece of equipment, it actually folds up nicely for easy storage.

Ultimate Sandbag


To build up strength and increase intensity, Zuzana incorporates the Ultimate Sandbag into many of her routines. She uses the Power size sandbag which can hold up to 45lbs. This size is suitable for women. Men should use the Strength and Challenge packages. You can fill the sandbag with sand or with rice, as Zuzana does. Since the sand (or rice) in the bag moves around, you will have to involve more muscles to stabilize your exercise movements giving you a more intense workout.

These four pieces of exercise equipment will challenge you in addition to Zuzana's workouts on BodyRock.TV. Be sure to start slow and work your way up to using this exercise equipment. Zuzana uses the equipment in different ways to challenge various muscle groups. While you can do the exercises without the equipment, once you have grown accustomed to the BodyRock.TV workouts and want the extra intensity to build muscle, you'll want to take a look at investing more effort into your exercise routine.