Ruth's mother, Luling, otherwise very healthy, has problems with memory. After a period of denial, Ruth finally decides to bring her to a doctor who later diagnoses her with Alzheimer's disease. As the disease progresses, she realizes that her mother cannot live alone anymore. She suddenly remembers the memoir her mother has given to her years ago.
She decides to read the memoir. She asks her boyfriend, Art, to refer to her a Chinese translator to find out about the memoir's contents. As she reads, the memoirs takes her to many decades ago during the time of her grandmother in China. Her grandmother, referred to as Precious Auntie by her mother, is a bonesetter's daughter who later assumes the role of Luling's nursemaid. As to why she ends up being Luling's nursemaid stems from a sad turn of events.


This book contains a lot of flashbacks in the form of Luling's and Precious Auntie's memoirs. Ruth also recalls her childhood and her difficult relationship with her mother. By reading those memoirs, Ruth starts to get to know her mother and grandmother more. I love how the novel narrates the lives of women in three generations.
Being of Chinese descent makes me relate to the book very well. I see my own mother in the story. Even though there may be a lot of misunderstandings and resentments held by the daughter, a mother only thinks for the daughter's best interests. How it is revealed in the story is a very poignant moment to experience.
I believe that despite its center on Chinese characters, any person from a different culture will still connect to the story. A mother's love, after all, is a universal concept. Reading this book inspires me to learn about my own mother's and grandmother's story. I find the book a great reminder for me to understand the older generation through learning about their past experiences.
I give this book a perfect rating for the heartwarming reading experience. It is certainly one of the few books that I will remember for a long time.


Verdict Lyra Kua 2014-09-25 5.0 0 5
The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan
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Author: Amy Tan
Genre: Historical Fiction
Year: 2003
Pages: 400