The Book of Eli is a good choice for a Summer Movie Rental.


The Book of Eli is a bit like a Mad Max movie, only it stars Denzel Washington instead of Mel Gibson.

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If you like Denzel Washington I would definitely recommend The Book of Eli as a good choice for a Summer rental . This is a post-apocalyptic futuristic movie also starring Mila Kunis and Gary Oldman.

This was little different role than the usual for Denzel although he gives a solid perfomance wielding a sword and killing plenty of bad guys. The difference in this film than that of his usual stuff, is that he is on a mission from God as he battles his way accross the county on foot battling the evil remnants of humanity that for awhile make you think that the Denzel character is the only good guy left in the world.

When our hero meets up with the Mila Kunis character ,who soon becomes his only friend, we see that a few decent people did in fact survive the disaster and the movie gives us some hope of a decent future in the end. Though an unusual mix, Kunis and Washington made a likable pair in The Book of Eli and the ending of the movie was left open for a possible sequel staring Mila Kunis.

Having seen this film at the theatre when first released, I recently watched it again as a rental and enjoyed it both times. However, the same questions I had the first time I saw the movie left me even more perplexed the second time.

First of all, why would eating human flesh cause a Cannibal's hands to shake? I'd hoped that I'd figure it out the second time around but I still didn't find the answer.

The movie also left me wondering why the great planetary devastation portrayed in the movie resulted in so many bad guys. Perhaps I'm overly hopeful about the future, but it seems to me that in order to survive people may actually need each other in hard times, pull together and help one another instead of everyone thinking only of themselves.I suppose it makes a more exciting movie to have plenty of murderers and rapists surviving armegedon than it does to have villages of nice people rebuilding a civilized society.

This movie is a lot like the world we saw in Mad Max. The sky is dark, buildings are all in a state or rubble and decay. Only, in The Book of Eli, instead of Mel Gibson we have Denzel Washington fighting off bad guys. And, instead of revenge being the hero's motivation as was the case in Mad Max, in the Book of Eli they gave the hero a religious mission from God.

Overall, The Book of Eli worked for me. I liked the mission from God concept that Denzel was on and enjoyed the chemistry between Denzel and Mila and Gary Oldman did a great job portraying a classic bad guy. My score for The Book of Eli is a solid B-.

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