In the 1970s, the average American was exposed to about five hundred advertisements throughout the course of a day. Presently, the average American is exposed to nearly three thousand advertisements a day through various mediums: television, magazines, radio, the internet and billboards. A technique formed in the early 2000s even made it possible to stamp an advertisement in the sand of beaches.

The average American adult spends approximately seven hours a day being exposed to the various medium’s mentioned above, much of which is spent being exposed to advertisements, whether they are aware of it or not. Product placement and subliminal messaging are the two most controversial forms of “advertising,” and have come under widespread scrutiny in the past couple decades. Product placement is a form of advertisement where branded goods are placed in programs which are usually devoid of ads, like television and movies. The popularity of product placement was heavily scrutinized in Morgan Spurlock’s newest documentary Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, which was, ironically, funded solely on the proceeds from product placement throughout the film.

The advertising industry is estimated to be a $600+ billion a year industry, and as a business owner or marketing executive you may find yourself asking “How do I reach the targeted audience easily and effectively without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars?” In a time when product placement seems unethical, and the cost of outdoor advertising is way too costly, the answer for successful advertising is simple: by using an online advertising network and service company that has a proven track record and has access to media conglomerates like MSNBC and Fox News, like Adblade.

Online marketing has quickly become the most popular form of advertising in America and has many advantages when compared to the more traditional forms of advertising. Online marketing costs sixty-two percent less than traditional advertising, and it has almost instantaneously become the most cost-effective means of communication with today’s tech-savvy customers. Online marketing, especially when executed by professional companies, is not as intrusive or annoying as the online marketing of the past. Eighty-four percent of 25-34 year olds have left favorite websites as a result of intrusive or irrelevant advertising. Online advertising has the ability to be localized and easily tracked and documented by the companies behind the advertising. In a time when advertising is everywhere, it is important to reach the targeted audience effectively.