When my son was born I had a woman tell me that I had to get a Boppy. She told me if I did I would fall in love with it and its many uses. I decided it was way to expensive and since I wasn't even planning on nursing him it couldn't be worth it. Then along came my daughter and with determination I began to nurse her. I would surround myself with loads of pillows and awkwardly try and make it all work. After two weeks my back was killing me and while I was still determined to nurse, I was sick and tired of it and how hard it was. I was also limited in the places I could do it with ease (after all, I couldn't load up a million pillows to do it in certain chairs and such. I finally broke down and spent the money to get my very ownBoppy nursing pillow. By the end of the first day I was in love.

The Pillow.
The Boppy is a firm pillow that is rather tube shaped. It stays in an almost doughnut shape and is made to wrap around the midsection of the person using it. The baby can then be supported in a number of nursing positions and feeding is loads easier because the pillow does most of the work for you. Additionally, back pain is relieved because you are no longer bending in odd angles to feed the baby. The baby stays well supported and can even be laid across theBoppy while you are getting ready.

Benefits as a Nursing Pillow.

  • Wraps around you- This pillow gently hugs its way around your waist. It allows for you to have support assistance with many different positions including the football hold. This makes it easy to use. Plus it stretches big. I have am a plus sized woman and was concerned that it wouldn't fit. However, I have had no problems with it.
  • Puts the baby at the perfect height- I usually had to use three pillows to get enough support to almost have the baby and the right height. The Boppy does it all really easy and quick. It is hard enough to actually support (your baby doesn't just sink into it), puts the baby at the perfect height, and eliminates awkward and uncomfortable positions.
  • Helps with hands free- God should have given mothers a few extra hands. However, since he didn't we have to make due with what we have. The Boppy pillow lets you nurse with your baby well supported and your hands free to do other things.
  • Comfort for you and baby- While the pillow is hard enough to really support, it is still soft and above all comfortable. The baby is comfy and so is the nursing mom. It works out well.

Additional Uses.
In addition to being the perfect nursing pillow the Boppy can also be used for a few other things. With all of this in mind, the Boppy could become your favorite pillow while your baby is young (and possibly even beyond that).
  • Bottle feeding- The pillow is also a great support for bottle feeding. This is especially true at night where the least amount of work is often appreciated. You simply wrap theBoppy around your middle, set the baby on the pillow, hold his or her head, and feed.
  • Resting- The pillow is the prefect shape to rest your newborn baby in the center of. You can set his or her body down in the hole and gently prop their head on the pillow. It holds them in place and keeps them fairly safe (though they shouldn't be left on their own in this position).
  • Tummy time- Your child can also use the Boppy to help support them for tummy time. Gently prop them up with their chest and head held high for easy looking. You can then place toys in front of them and use it as a play time space rather then buying a fancy play mat.
  • Sitting up practice- As your child grows he or she will get ready to sit. Often times parents help their children learn these new skills by propping them up with loads of pillows and or blankets. TheBoppy can take the place of all of these blankets and pillows. By sitting your child in the center the Boppy can support them on all sides.
  • "My" pillow- As your child becomes a toddler he or she can claim their Boppy using it for TV time and cuddling with.

Boppy Buying Options.
There are two buying options when it comes to the Boppy nursing pillow. The first is just a Boppy. It comes in a wide range of fancy styles and fabric prints, but you have to find one you like. While the Boppy goes through the wash, the cover is part of the pillow and it can't be removed. The second is what is called the "bare naked" Boppy. This has regular pillow fabric and you then need to buy a cover to put over it. The huge advantages with this pillow are that you can clean the cover whenever you need to simply by unzipping it and tossing it in the laundry. You can also get a wide range of covers in a wide range of colors and prints. It gives you more freedom to decorate the nursing pillow. TheBoppy itself is $30 whether or not you buy one that is "bare naked". The covers can be found in many locations and run $10-15 each.

Buying a Boppy.
Boppy pillows can be found at many stores including Target. Here you will pay full price. Amazon also has the pillows and a very large selection of covers. You can purchase used and new pillows from those looking to sell theirs from locations such as eBay and Craigslist. These locations allow you to get a great deal, but you have to read the descriptions carefully to make sure you are getting an item that is in goodcondition.

While I didn't believe that the Boppy was anything special, it only took one day of using it to know that I will never have a baby without a Boppy ever again. They are definitely worth the price. This isn't just an ordinary pillow, it is something much more then that. It has a lot of uses and makes for a great nursing tool.