The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch was a sitcom that had moderate success in its original run.  It was on Friday evening, along with the Partridge Family.  These shows became icons as new generations of kids discovered them. I remember watching all those episodes at the time and wouldn't miss the program.

It became a part of pop culture once the series ended and started a long run in syndication.  New generations of kids have enjoyed the stories of Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy.  

It was harmless fun, just like other programs from the 70s.  Many teenage girls loved Greg, and thought Marcia was pretty cool also.  Yes it was cheesy, but in some ways that was part of its appeal.  It presented an idyllic family that anyone would like to have.

They recorded a song that was featured in a Brady Bunch episode, called Sunshine Day.  The song is iconic now and one of the most memorable episodes from the entire series.  

Almost 40 years have passed since the program ended.  Robert Reed, who played the father Mike, and Allan Melvin, who was Alice's boyfriend Sam, have since passed away.  All the other cast members are still alive, including Ann B. Davis, who is almost 90. 

Of all the original Brady Bunch cast, Maureen McCormick and Christopher Knight have continued their acting careers, although for the most part it has been guest parts on other series.  

This article is about the cast of the series and what they are doing today.  

Ann B. Davis

Alice was one of my favorite characters.  She was the type of person anyone would love to have for a friend and housekeeper.  Alice was always cheerful and fun to be around.  She waited rather impatiently for many years for boyfriend Sam to work up the courage to pop the question.

Ann never married.  She returned to play Alice again in a series of television reunion movies as well as two short lived Brady series.  Her cheerful persona made her a perfect spokeswoman for various products she promoted in TV commercials.  

Ann B. DavisCredit: Public Domain Image

Ann was loved by fans and is very strongly identified as the character of Alice, even 40 years later.  The series received a Pop Culture Award from the TV Land network and the cast received a very warm welcome and standing ovation.

Sadly Ann passed away June of 2014 at the age of 88.

Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson was an accomplished singer and appeared on Broadway before she was cast as one of the most popular TV moms of all time.  

While her TV husband Robert Reed often objected to the far-fetched storylines, Florence took it all in stride, realizing it was just entertainment.  She got along great with all the cast and has remained friends with the actors who once played her children. In fact, she appeared on Christopher Knight's reality show, giving him advice about his romantic life.  Florence Henderson and Robert ReedCredit: Public Domain Image

Like Ann, Florence appeared in many commercials after the series ended.  She also was a frequent guest on game shows.

She now hosts her own program on Retirement Living TV. and more recently was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

For years she has also sang the national anthem at the Indianapolis 500. She is personal friends with the family who own the speedway, and a native of Indiana.  She must enjoy appearing in her home state each year for such a popular event.  

Barry Williams

Many young girls had crushes on Greg Brady.  He was 15 when he started the show, so in real life he was a bit older than his character.

He really was typecast as Greg, and found it hard to get other work on TV.  He had a successful career on stage, appearing in the lead in The Sound of Music and other hit shows. Later he made his debut on Broadway.  Barry WilliamsCredit:

Over the years he has had guest roles in various TV shows, most of them being sitcoms.   He also appeared with Christopher Knight in the popular program That 70s Show. 

Most recently, Barry has hosted a 70s TV trivia quiz show on radio and has appeared in Branson, Missouri on stage.  He is quite gifted as a singer, so it is good to know that he has been able to appear in so many of these shows over the years.  He was also was interviewed not long ago by Oprah on a TV special about child stars and what they are up to now.  

Maureen McCormick

Maureen was the oldest sister Marcia.  She had a difficult time transitioning after the series ended, and complained about being typecast.  Maureen guest starred on a lot of series that were popular in the 70s but she had very little luck landing major roles.  

Her career was also harmed by a drug addiction at the time.  She's been honest about her past and wrote an autobiography, detailing those difficult years.  In addition to battling drug abuse, she has had to deal with depression.  Maureen McCormickCredit:

She married in the 1980s and has a daughter.  Her husband had heard of her series but didn't see any episodes, which is quite unusual, considering the phenomenon it eventually became.

 Maureen also has struggled with weight and appeared on a reality show to help her reach a goal of shedding 30 pounds.  Later she did another reality show about opening her own bed and breakfast.

Christopher Knight

Christopher was the somewhat geeky middle brother Peter.  Aside from appearing on the Brady reunion TV shows, he remained mostly out of the public eye.  He decided to pursue a career in the computer industry and was quite successful.  

Eventually he decided to return to TV, but he was largely unnoticed until he appeared in the reality show My Fair Brady.  The series was mostly about his romance with Adrienne Curry, who was more than two decades younger than him.  Christopher KnightCredit:

Eventually Christopher proposed and they were married.  During the series run, Florence Henderson and his TV siblings all appeared on the show.  The cast have maintained friendships all through the years, and he wanted them to take part.  In one episode he seeks advice from Florence about his relationship with Adrienne. 

The marriage ran into trouble early, and the couple appeared on Dr Phil, discussing personal details about their private life.  The entire relationship had been very public and was tabloid fodder until they broke up a few years later.   

Christopher also hosted a short lived game show based on Trivial Pursuit.  

The Brady Kids Sing

Eve Plumb

Eve played Jan, the insecure sister.  After the series ended she was in demand for television roles. She starred in a TV movie about a teenage prostitute, which was a huge departure from her role as squeaky clean Jan.   It was a success, and a follow-up movie was made. Eve PlumbCredit:

She also made many appearances in guest roles on popular programs.  Eve took part in the Brady reunion movies and appeared with Maureen in a series called The Brady Brides, which was quickly cancelled. 

Although she still accepted acting roles, she began painting as a hobby.  She has been very successful at this, and several galleries in the United States sell her artwork.  She likes to paint scenes depicting common images such as food, coffee cups and so on.  

Mike Lookinland

Mike was Bobby, the sweet and energetic youngest brother.  Unlike the other actors, Mike did not appear on television after the series ended, except for the reunion movies.  He also made one appearance on Little House on the Prairie.   Mike LookinlandCredit:

He's found work as a camera operator for TV shows, but has not been acting for a long time now.  He owns his own business today. 

It seems that Mike has lived a quiet life with his wife and two sons and does not make public appearances as Barry and Christopher have done. 

Susan Olsen

Susan was the adorable youngest child, Cindy.  In later years Susan remarked that playing the character made it difficult for her to form real life friendships.  Her peers didn't understand the difference between the role she was playing compared to the real Susan.

She did get along well with the cast, and has stayed friendly with everyone.  She had a close friendship with Robert Reed until his death. Susan OlsenCredit:

In recent years Susan has been a creative entrepreneur.  Like Eve, she also has enjoyed success with her artwork.  She's been very involved in advocating for animal rights.  She devotes time to caring for homeless kittens and finding adoptive homes for them.  

Susan is the only cast member who did not appear in all the Brady reunion movies.  She missed one due to being unavailable at the time.  

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