The Brazilian or Keratin smoothing hair treatment is THE hot hair trend for this new year. Used by Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Richie and a host of other celebrities and models, the keratin is worth trying out if you want to go straight.

Often, in hair salons, it's become so popular they simply call it "the Brazilian" but for sure it's not to be confused with the close shave, the Brazilian smoothing treatment is fast taking over iron straightening in the never-ending quest for gorgeous straight hair. If you have frizzy hair but you are short of time, the Brazilian hair treatment works because it does not require four hours sitting in a salon. You can natural-looking straight hair and on top of it all - the treatment creates a protective layer of protein so that the shine will be sealed in and last longer.

There a few versions of the treatment but the most popular is probably the Brazilian Blowout as it is free of harsh chemicals including formaldehyde which is a frequent chemical found in hair straightening products and is also used to preserve animals, embalm corpses and other stuff you might not want to know about. Brazilian Blowout uses the exact from acai berries - that Brazilian wonder berry.

Formaldehyde has been much critized in recent times. In the US, beauty magazine "Allure" conducted a study and reported that samples from salons contained at least ten times more formaldehyde than an INDUSTRY MEDICAL PANEL considered safe. 10 times more chemicals on your head, hair and scalp.

That also means it's gentler on your hair. You might find your hair drying out, becoming brittle with repeated salon treatments. This keratin straightening is gentler on your hair so you can look like Giselle without the dryness and split ends developing.

The Brazilian Blowout hair straightening treatment only takes 90 minutes. If you were born with naturally frizzy hair and have spent an adult lifetime fiddly with hair straighteners, iron treatments etc, you'll know how quick and painless this procedure is in comparison.

Your hair stylist will wash and towel dry your hair and smooth on the solution. Unlike perms, you don't have to wait - your hair can be blow-dried and ironed to seal in the solution. The solution is then washed off and a mask applied. Another rinse and blow-dry and you will have sleek hair that looks natural and healthy with a full glow. The results last for up to 12 weeks.

They say the results are startling - you'll start smiling with a warm glow the moment you see yourself in the salon mirror. Have a go and see for yourself!