Anyone who has owned a Breville product before will know that they make top quality kitchen appliances. In fact they make lots of different types of machines including juicers, coffee makers and sandwich presses. It is this last item that I will be discussing just now. You may already know that this company originated in Australia. Just as the Italians call a toasted sandwich a panini, Australians call it a breville. So this just goes to show what a big influence this brand has had on that country. Now a days it is easy for American consumers to get hold of these top quality machines.

Breville Panini Duo BSG520XL

The Breville Panini Duo BSG520XL is the lowest cost model in the Breville range of sandwich grills. These machines can actually be used for much more than just making hot sandwiches but this is they what the BSG520XL is primarily intended to do. It is quite a sturdy piece of kitchenware. You can quite easily push down on the handle on the front of the device to add extra pressure to squeeze your panini even flatter.

When we open the unit up we can see that the bottom section has a flat hot plate. This is useful for ensuring that your toasted sandwich is actually hot all the way through. And because it is flat the Panini Duo can cook other things quite easily as well. One of the most common extra uses is to make pancakes. You have to be careful to use a spatula that will not damage the non-stick coating. The good news is that Breville sandwich presses make use of a special non-stick material called, Quantanium. This is apparently scratch resistant but I certainly would not want to test it out by using any metal implements.

The top section is ribbed so when this closes onto your sandwich it will provide the pleasing grill marks that we expect if we order this type of sandwich at a cafe or restaurant. What is great about it is that we can now make this type of food at home very easily. Not only that, we can save ourselves quite a bit of money each time we make a panini.

The cost of the machine itself is of course an expenditure. But if you consider it as a frugal investment the price starts to look a lot less troublesome. In fact, at around about the sixty dollar mark, Breville Panini Duo BSG520XL is not all that expensive in the first place.