The Brotherhood of Nod is a fictional organization that existed in Westwood's Command and Conquer series, and later in EA's Command and Conquer series. This article will examine Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun, because I do not believe any EA Command and Conquer game is canon. The organization was appeared after the appearance of a strange meteor that landed in the Tiber River valley in Italy. The exact date of the foundation of the Brotherhood is unknown, but many believe it to be pre-biblical times.

The organization is led by a man known as Kane. While he has many aliases, he is known worldwide as Kane and claims to have been the biblical Cain who murdered his brother Abel. In Genesis 4:15 God puts a curse on Kane: "Not so, if anyone kills Cain, he will suffer vengeance seven times over." Westwood's clear intent was to create a quasi-Abrahamic cult, led by Kane and man with enough suggestive evidence to make the player wonder, what if this is Cain?

There is evidence that shows that Kane was an advisor to Joseph Stalin during the Soviet invasion of Western Europe, in a fictional World War II. This game was called Red Alert. Kane is supposed to have caused the Soviet Union to collapse around 1991 which would be the year that the meteor would impact the Earth. With the collapse of the Soviet power which won the war, then there would be no organized resistance to Kane and the Brotherhood. Unfortunately, for the Kane, the Soviets lost in Red Alert 1. Kane was forced to go underground for another forty years, eventually he would resurface around 1995 and lead the Brotherhood of Nod in a global war against GDI. (I will explain more about GDI's goals and mission, in another article) For now, understand this, GDI is a high tech organization made up of the G-8's armed forces. GDI (Global Defense Initative) is also under the authority of a stronger United Nations. During the first war Nod commited acts of genocide on local villages and striked civilian targets in Europe with tiberium tipped missiles. They experimented on villagers, using tiberium which is an alien planet, the experimentations left many dead, more mutated, but some became stronger individuals.

The first war eventually ends with the destruction of Kane's temple in Sarajevo (which is where Arch Duke Ferdinand was killed, and World War I started). Kane lifted his hands into the sky as GDI launched a prototype weapon, the Ion Canon. GDI thought that Kane, his organization and the leaderof Nod were destroyed in 1995. They were wrong.

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Now it is important to ask that question, is the Brotherhood an organization of heroes or villians? Are they fighting to protect mankind from a growing alien plant that is consuming all life or are they spreading that plant? Are they waging war against the G-8 who is attempting to stop the spread of tiberium? The first game is very clear the Brotherhood of Nod is a religious, decentralized cabal of terrorists. But, unlike terrorists in our own age they have the equipment to go head to head with the G-8. The Brotherhood commits acts of terror and even commits genocide and exerpiments on civilians. In the later games these acts are expanded upon, but in the context of the 1995 video game Kane is shown as a religious madman and his organization can be called Villians. In the next article I will expand upon this more and revisit the question on if they are heroes or villians, because I believe things change between 1995 and 2032.