My wife and I have used more strollers than the average set of new parents over the past year and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you typically get what you pay for in strollers. The best strollers cost more and they feel awesome but there are ways to cut costs.

Buying used baby strollers on Craigslist is one simple way to keep your costs down. One problem with this however is that many people that sell you used strollers that don’t have all the accessories. For the most part I find that this isn’t a big deal. Most accessories are not necessary but are only handy.

Virtually any stroller made this generation has attached sun shades which do just fine as well as an undercarriage basket. For the most part this is all you need however parents who use strollers frequently almost always want a decent stroller organizer, otherwise known as a parent consol, for the handlebar.

In a recent article I published my thoughts on the Baby Jogger City Mini. I claimed it was one of the best all around strollers for running errands and I fully agree with it still. It folds easily, is light, and it’s perfectly designed for walking through the mall but it doesn’t come with a good parent consol.

Our Search For A Universal Stroller Organizer With Cup Holder

Since my wife and I use the City Mini all the time we finally broke down and bought a stroller organizer with a cup holder and big storage compartment and we are simply loving it.

If you read any reviews on Amazon’s website you’ll know that the Baby Jogger branded parent handlebar consol doesn’t get the best reviews so we were leery of buying it. After doing a little research though we came across the Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer which had amazing reviews.

Some of the people in the reviews even mentioned that they used it with the Baby Jogger City Mini and said it fit perfectly and they were more than happy with their purchase. I also loved the fact that the consol was notably cheaper than the Baby Jogger version too - can’t beat a better price.

In any event we’ve been using it and would recommend it to just about anyone in need of a stroller organizer. The cup holders work perfectly for bottles or for your own drink. This of course was one big complaint of some others on the Baby Jogger branded organizer; it didn’t fit most drinks that a normal person would have for themselves.

Going jogging and bringing a water bottle? The Baby Jogger organizer with cup holder wouldn’t fit the bottle but the Buggy Buddy Organizer will. It will fit soda cans, water bottles, baby bottles and most anything else you need to put in it within reason. The center storage consol is nice too simply for the easy access drop box area, basically it’s a big space for storage rather than an enclosed spot which can be hard to access and easy to lose small items.

The Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer – My Current Favorite Universal Consol For Strollers

The Buggy Buddy used to be made by Sunshine Kids. It has a huge amount of positive reviews on Amazon but the most recent version is now made by Diono. The reviews for the Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer have similarly top tier reviews but just not nearly as many. Don’t be fooled however, it’s basically the same item at the same price just made by a new brand.

From a stroller aficionado who uses this consol on his City Mini stroller I can’t say enough positive things about this consol. Of course there are some things I would like to see like insulated compartments but I don’t really need something like this very often but I do need a place to drop my keys getting in and out of the car and the open area is perfect for that.