I purchased the Bumi about one year ago and can honestly say that I have finally found a dog toy that is tougher than my Boerboel. About a year ago, I stopped at REI to buy a few outdoorsy items and as usual found myself in the dog toy aisle. I’ve bought many, many toys for my dog and they have always ended up torn, chewed through and destroyed. After much money spent, I bought a dog toy that is tougher than my Boerboel and it’s called the Bumi.

A Dog ToyCredit: West Paw Design

The Bumi is a dog toy made by West Paw Design. West Paw Design claims that there is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy, but I’d like to differ with them. They have created a dog toy that can stand up to my Boerboel, a South African Mastiff, who has destroyed almost all of his toys that I have bought for him. A dog toy that can last over a year with my dog with absolutely no tearing, no hanging pieces and no bite marks is number one in my book.

A Dog Toy That is Tough Enough

The Bumi, made of some material called Zogoflex, is tough but at the same time smooth and bendable. The Bumi is an S-shaped toy that you can toss and play fetch with, and at the same time play tug-of-war or act like a chewing toy. My Boerboel absolutely loves it but you can tell that he’s so frustrated by the fact that he can not destroy it and trust me he has tried. Because he got so frustrated, there was a time, about 2-3 months, where my dog didn’t want to have anything to do with the Bumi because he would have rather destroyed his other toys. However, since those are all gone now, he’s had to play with the Bumi and he hasn’t stopped since.

If you’re looking for a dog toy that is tough, durable and indestructible, the Bumi has it all. The best part of buying this toy is that it’s guaranteed. That’s right. West Paw Design offers a guarantee when you buy their products. If by any chance your dog destroys the dog toy, you have the choice to receive a one-time replacement of the same toy free of charge or you can ask for your money back through a refund. According to their website, West Paw Design claims its return rate is less than 1%. I don't know about you, but I think this is an excellent offer from their company. You know their dog toys are tough if they are willing to offer this kind of guarantee.

I’ve decided that I will spend my money on the Bumi and all other toys made of Zogoflex. My Boerboel needs a dog toy that can stand up to his strength and I am happy to say that I finally found it with the Bumi.