Mayan prophecy 2012

How few people and nations are milking the fear and paranoia that the Mayan doomsday prophecy have triggered

The Mayans foretold that the world will cease to exist on December 21st 2012. This has led to a massive surge in tourists to Mexico and different parts of Central America, giving a major fillip to the tourism industry of those nations. And yes you guessed it right; the sales of underground bunkers have also jumped.

“Doomsday Packages” are selling like hot cakes among tourists who are coming in droves to different parts of Central America to inspect various sites that were once the hotbed of Mayan empire that existed thousands of years ago. The apocalyptic prophecies propounded by the Mayans have surely piqued the interest of people worldwide. People of different hues and from different nations are visiting these sites as paranoia about the impending apocalypse reaches an all time high. However nobody can tell for certain whether the Mayans actually predicted the end of the world. The generally accepted notion is that they timed the end of their calendar year with a celestial happening; in this case sun will align with the centre of Milky way for the very first time in more than twenty five thousand years. Many are of the opinion that the end of Mayan Calendar which falls on December 21st will witness a cataclysm of epic proportions which will tear the entire world asunder.

Such beliefs have actually led to a massive influx of tourists to Central America. Mexico alone is expecting  numbers to the tune of 52 million which is a quantum leap from last year’s 23 million. The tourism in the countries associated with Mayan civilization has witnessed an unprecedented boom fuelled by the people’s sudden interest in ancient civilizations. The surge in tourists in turn has given a much needed boost to the coffers of these nations.

However this hue and cry over the end of the world have also adversely affected a few people and  places. For instance, the little French villagae of Bugarach with a population of merely 200 has suddenly been forced into the limelight, as many are of the opinion that this serene isolated hamlet is located on a sacred mountain and will be the only place that will survive the global apocalypse. The internet and the media are abuzz with rumors that these so called sacred mountain has an unique upside down rock formation , where the lower layers are younger than the top layer This unique formation confers it with a rare magnetic force that can potentially stave off any disaste. So there is a genuine belief that when the end comes this place will be the only safe haven. Such has been the hype and paranoia, that property prices in and around these little village have actually skyrocketed, but as more and more people pour in, the locals worry that their tiny and close knit community will not be able to cope with it and the sanctity of the place will be destroyed by the outsiders.


Whether or not the Mayans predictions actually come to pass, doomsday believers are taking no chances. The sale and redesigning of underground bunkers have swelled and entrepreneurs are not complaining. A few of them have refurbished the underground bunkers built during the cold war era and are selling them at a premium. Applications are pouring in for the membership of these bunkers as people are preparing for any eventuality. Most of the applicants are well educated professionals who have linked various events that are happening across the world, the risks and the potential catastrophic repercussions of these events. This begs the question in case of an apocalyptic eventuality what options do the less fortunate ones like us, have?

Wait with bated breath for the answer on December 21.