Homeowners grappling with the problem of insufficient space and too much clutter around the house may consider purchasing a chaise. This is a cleverly designed piece of furniture that can play more than one role in the house. It can function both as a couch to relax on after a long day at work, and as a bed for unexpected visitors or friends. The following guide covers the factors to consider when heading to a furniture store to purchase chaises and similar furniture.


The size of a chaise will depend on where it will be put up in a house. One is likely to notice that the actual size of these lounges is much bigger than they had imagined. In order to avoid purchasing oversized indoor lounges, it is vital to take measurements before hand. This can be done in two ways: taking the dimensions of the room where the seat will be situated or taking the dimensions of the seat itself. 

ChaiseCredit: Vincent DesjardinsCredit: Vincent Desjardins


The main purpose most people purchase these furniture pieces has to do with comfort. Chaises are in essence more comfortable than a typical settee. They are more versatile in design and can be used both indoors and outside. 

Outdoor chaises are common in private beaches and swimming pools while indoor ones can be purchased for any home. The lounge''s comfort depends on several factors. These include the shape of the seat, the material used in making it and whether or not there are cushions. 


Durability is vital to consider because chaises have the twin function of seat and bed. An indoor chair bed must therefore be made from excellent quality cushioning that does not wear easily. Outdoor chaises require more durability than indoor ones. They are directly exposed to the elements and should be able to withstand such vagaries effectively. In fact, outdoor chaises are normally made from wood and coated with protective finishes. The cushions are removable and made from waterproof materials to prevent the growth of mildew or mold. 

Buying a Chaise

Indoor and outdoor chaises are both attractive and functional pieces of furniture. They cost a fortune and therefore must offer value for the cost. A good chaise must not only be attractive and of the right dimensions, but also comfy to sit in and durable.