The Quinny is a veQuinny Buzzry popular pushchair brand. Designed in the Holland the Buzz is not only very beautiful but also offers many useful features which make it stand-out over many designer pushchairs. Through first three to four months you can use the Dreami Cot Bassinette. Unfortunately it is sold separately; however do not let that stop you from enjoying the great features that come with this product. It allows your baby to lay flat for up to 15 pounds or until he or she can push-up on their own. Basically, each bassinette has restrictions on weight (generally around 20 pounds), age (generally from four to six months) or when your child can push up on their own or roll over.

The unit weighs 23 pounds and has a maximum carrying weight of 50 pounds.

One more drawback is that the Quinny Buzz in only compatible with a Maxi Cosi Car Seat. As you probably already know Maxi Cosi is the most popular car seat brand in Europe. So, when someone says: "I am going to buy a car seat in Europe," they usually say: "I'm going to get a Maxi CQuinnyosi Car Seat." Maxi Cosi has dominated the pushchair market on a global basis for so long that the name "Maxi Cosi" is a synonym for baby car seats in Europe.

To attach a car seat to the frame use the two adapters that are included and place it directly onto those. There is a three position recline forward facing and two positions rear facing.

Other relevant features of the Quinny Buzz include adjustable handle bar, full size canopy which completely shades your child and keeps it from elements, the removable front bar, adjustable foot rest, and an extremely nice comfortable fabric.

It has a lot of accessories that are included with it. They are: rain cover and a wind guard, bug net, and adapters for the Maxi Cosi Car Seat or for the Dreami Cot Bassinette.
Quinny Bassinette
The Buzz has four big wheels over three access points. So, it is not a three wheel pushchair, as it may seem at first glance. Two 7 inch connected small swiveling wheels that can also lock and are made of top-quality plastics. The rear tires are 12 inches and inflatable for smooth ride and excellent maneuvering over rough terrain.

The breaking system is color coded, red to lock and gray to unlock. There is a small under storage basket to store all of the baby essentials. The Quinny Buzz is available in several fashionable colors.

Other important technical details include an easy hydraulic pump to unfold and a comfortable neoprene seat fabric.