Are you up for the Challenge of the Canadian Death Race?

Canadian Death Race(89949)

A Test for Elite Athletes

It takes a lot courage to run a race with the work “Death” in it’s name, but a lot of people are ready for the challenge of the Canadian Death Race.

Registration fills up early. 1300 positions are available for solo or team runners.  Another 200 spots are filled through a lottery.

Volunteers who help out with the race one year are guaranteed a position in the following year.

The Canadian Death Race is 78 miles (125 kilometers long) and includes three summits with an elevation change of 1700 feet (520 meters) and a river crossing.

The course is divided into five legs. Competitors race as an individual or in relay teams of 2-5 people. Going it alone is for extremely fit athletes who compete in ultra marathons.

Organisers hold two training camps in June to prepare athletes for the grueling course.

In 2012, the Canadian Death race starts in downtown Grande Cache at 8 am, August 4th.


Canadian Death Race - Leg One

The race starts in downtown Grand Cache. It is the shortest leg at 12 miles (19 kilometers). Start on a paved surface and transition to quad trails. Continue over a picturesque ridge and through Grand Cachea mud bog to the checkpoint and first aid station. There is an elevation loss of 500 feet (152 meters)

Runners must complete this section by 12 pm.

The Canadian Death Race - Leg Two

Leg two is just under 17 miles (27 kilometers long).  The overall elevation change is an increase of 500 feet (152 meters) but the real elevation change, allowing for ups and downs on the course is 6000 feet (1800 mLeg Twoeters).

Only one kilometer of this leg is paved. It is a technically challenging leg that includes swampy sections and dirt roads.

The area between the summit of Flood Mountain and Grande Mountain is particularly challenging. Athletes must run downhill over unstable rocky formations with steep drop offs.

Runners must complete this section by 6 pm.

The Canadian Death Race - Leg Three

Leg three stretches roughly 13 miles (21 kilometers). It includes three miles (five kilometers) of paved road. The rest is dirt roads and stream crossings.Death Race Elevation

This leg is considered the easiest and one of the most scenic.

The elevation loss is 1000 feet (330 meters).

Athletes will pass through knee deep water for 80 feet (25 meters)

Runners must complete this leg by 7 pm.

The Canadian Death Race - Leg Four

Leg fouCanadian Death Race Leg 4r runs just over 22 miles (36 kilometers). Runners travel over gravel and dirt trails.

The overall elevation gain is 0, but the leg entails 6500 feet (2100 meters) of elevation change.

Climbing Mount Hamel is broken up into two very large ascents.

Runners must pick up a prayer flag at Hell's Canyon to prove they have made the turn around point.

Expect large boulders and ruts on the descent.

Runners must complete this leg by 4:15 am.

The Canadian Death Race - Leg Five

Are you tired yet? Leg five spans 15 miles (24 kilometers) Runners travel on a short section of pavement. TThe finishhe rest is single track and dirt trails untill athletes approach the finish line.

The net elevation gain is 2500 feet (720 meters).

Runners will be taken across the Smoky River by boat. There is an emergency aid station on the other side.

The last boat leaves at 6 am.

Runners must complete the course by 9 am.

The Canadian Death Race - Mandatory Gear

This is a list of mandatory gear supplied by race organizers.

RacWater bottle(90104)ers are responsible for having all their gear and not littering along the trail or face disqualification.

Runners may face extreme weather conditions.

Here's the list.

Water or electrolytes.

Fingered gloves.

Flashlight or head lamp plus extra batteries and bulb for night runners.

Insulated hooded jacket, headband, or insulated hat.

Eye protection for night runners.

Jackets designed for wind and rain protection.

One final note:

Train hard. There is nothing easy about the Canadian Death Race.

Make sure you have good quality runners or hiking boots.

Now it's time for me to go for a run and train for the Great Canadian Death Race!