The Cannondale CAAD10 Review

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The Cannondale CAAD10 is a fantastic new bicycle that's sure to impress even the most jaded rider. This is a very dedicated road / race bike, and it can ride with the best of them. The Cannondale CAAD10 is distinctive because, rather than going with the current trend of race bikes of being carbon fibre, it is made out of aluminum instead. This is going against current fashion somewhat, so it's a risky maneuver by Cannondale to try this route. However, anyone who rides the Cannondale CAAD10 frame will be pleasantly surprised by the riding quality, and intrigued by the unique qualities of aluminum over carbon fibre. 

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Cannondale CAAD10 Review: Components and Features

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You'll notice with the Cannondale CAAD10 that despite the fact it's an entirely aluminum frame, you won't see any bare aluminum on the frame whatsoever. This is interesting because you can safely expose bare aluminum, and it would show off the frame material. This Cannondale road bike frame is actually designed very much along the lines of a carbon fibre frame. Features not normally seen on alloy bicycles, like a flattened top tube and assymetrical chain stays (for drivetrain efficiency), are present in this design. The oversized tubing and smooth styling of the frame lends it an almost carbon look.

The aluminum used in the Cannondale CAAD10 is actually 6069 instead of 6061. This cuts a bit of weight and adds extra resilience and strength. The bike weighs around 18 pounds, depending on the frame size, a very decently light weight for a road bike frame.

The parts available on the Cannondale CAAD10 are somewhat mixed and matched, but there are four levels of performance available. The drivetrain is Shimano Ultegra, and the wheels are made by Mavic. The cranks are made by FSA and are carbon. The parts, though mixed, are of extremely high quality and it's surprising to find them on a bike at this price point. 

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Cannondale CAAD10 Review: The Ride

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So how does the Cannondale CAAD10 frame ride? The riding position on the Cannondale CAAD10 is very aggressive, and lends itself to a riding style that includes road use and race settings. That said, it's a great all around bike, as it's only race-inspired, so this is an able commuter or weekend road bike. 

The Cannondale CAAD10 accellerates quickly and has a great drivetrain response. It handles corners very well, and comes out of turns well too. You'll notice the responsiveness of the frame; aluminum is clearly still competitive with carbon fibre. 

The Cannondale CAAD10 is notable for its aluminum frame, and it should be mentioned that aluminum rides very differently from carbon or steel. The frame is extremely responsive and snappy, and you'll love the response this Cannondale road bike gives you. Vibration can be a bit of an issue, as aluminum is notorious for transmitting vibrations to the rider. This is both good and bad: on the Cannondale CAAD10 you'll experience higher than normal vibration on bumpy or uneven roads, but you'll also have a great feel for the road, letting you know exactly what you're riding on and how to react. 

Cannondale CAAD10 Review: Summary

To sum up, the Cannondale CAAD10 is a fantastic option for an everyday rider or commuter, or for someone who likes to push themselves on a weekend. The aluminum frame is snappy and responsive, though the frame does transfer vibrations somewhat. The Cannondale CAAD10 comes with great components, including Shimano Ultegra, Mavic and FSA parts. 

Overall, this is a great bargain for the price.

Cannondale CAAD10 Review:

Price: ~$2100

Weight: 18.1 pounds

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