A Revolutionary DSLR That Expands What Photography Enthusiasts Can Do With Their Image Making

Amazing Image Quality

Canon has done it again. The new Canon EOS 60D DSLR puts an incredibly

sophisticated image making tool with features that are usually only seen in professional caliber DSLR in the hands of the photo hobbyist looking to expand on their technique and image creating qualities. The advanced features and on board camera technologies of the 60D create limitless

creative possibilities and amazing image clarity for any photographer. With this

camera, you can’t help but become a better photographer.

 Amazing Image Quality at Your Finger Tips

Canon has made significant strides in improving the digital quality of

your images with the Canon EOS 60D. Canon has included an improved 18 Megapixel APS-C

sized CMOS sensor. This Advanced Photo System sensor captures a superior level

of high resolution which allows the photographer to produce large images without

fear of decreasing their detail. Also, this sensor ensures that noise will not be a

factor in even the most sensitive shots.  While megapixels are often overrated and given way too much weight when it comes to creating your final image, the 60D provides all of the image processing power to fully take advantage of all of those 18 megapixels.  No matter how big your images are, they will be crisp and full of detail.


In addition to the improved sensor, the 60D also features an improved DIGIC

4 Image Processor which allows the 60D to capture, process and save images with

incredible speed. The DIGIC 4 Image Processor is definitely put to the test when

working with images shot in amazingly detailed 18.0 megapixels at a speed of 5.3

frames per second (fps). This will assure perfect color and the finest details to stand

out in your images. Also, Canon has included improved ISO range from 100 to

6400 (which is ultimately expandable to a jaw dropping 12800) so you can shoot

with confidence in even the dimmest of lighting situations. What all of this comes

down to is a camera that is fully capable of handling any lighting obstacles that you

throw at it; whether you are trying to capture scenes with high shutter speeds and

don’t want to use a flash with barely noticeable noise and blur or bright sunlit

objects with long exposures - you can definitely do it all.


Easy Control of Sophisticated Features

The Canon 60D also has a new Multi-control dial to easily access menus and

settings quickly. Some of the more powerful settings that you will find useful are:


1. The Intelligent Scene Analysis - the 60D utilizes a very sophisticated

system to enhance the 9-point autofocus system. In addition to the 9-points of

autofocus, the 60D breaks the rest of the image into 63 zones controlled by a dual layer sensor. This feature allows the camera to more accurately analyze both the

surrounding color and luminosity of the field within the chosen autofocus points and deliver extremely high level of results in tough lighting situations.


2. High Speed X-Sync - the camera will deliver the fastest shutter

speed that can be synchronized with a flash burst as the shutter is completely



3. Advanced High Definition Video - The 60D takes a giant step

forward in HD technology for a DSLR. Utilizing the features from their professional

level of DSLRs, the 60D allows the photographer to manually control the exposure

of video for advanced creative decisions. The video control takes advantage of the

interchangeable lenses including Fisheye and Macro to provide an amazing array of

video shooting options. The upshot is High Definition video that will leave it’s

impression on the viewer for its gorgeous manipulation of depth-of-field.

Video can be recorded in a variety of resolutions and frame rates

depending on your desired requirements. The 50D can record video in Full High

Definition 1920x1080 at 30, 24, and 25 fps in clips up to 4 GB. The video

recordings are saved as MOV files and can be watched as full HD video with the

cameras HDMI output. In addition to the Full HD option, the other video

resolutions include 1280x720 with the option of 50 to 60 fps or standard definition

(SD/VGA) at 640x480 (also 50-60 fps).


4. In-Camera Processing Technology - the 60D allows the

photographer in the field to shoot images as RAW files and then process them all

within the camera without having to use a computer. The In-camera processing

options include adjustments for brightness, white balance, Picture Style, Auto

Lighting Optimizer, noise reductions, JPEG image-recording quality, color space,

lens peripheral illumination correction, distortion correction, and chromatic

aberrations correction.

Those features alone are probably enough for even the most demanding

photography professional. It would seem that Canon has left no stone unturned in

terms of a feature rich DSLR.


Introducing the Vari-Angle LCD Monitor

To aid in fully taking advantage of the in-camera processing power of the EOS

60D, Canon has also provided a powerful Vari-angle 3.0-inch Clear View LCD

monitor that is capable of 1,040, 000 pixels that allow the photographer extremely

realistic detail. The monitor is made from the highest quality of materials. The

screen includes smudge proof, anti-reflective, and water repellant coatings.

Another plus for the monitor is that hit offers both low or high-angle adjustment for

viewing of images. The improved viewfinder utilizes numerous creative options

and filters and an HDMI output to view pictures or video on an HDTV.


Speed Speed Speed and More Speed

Tired of missing shots because of delayed start-up times? The 60D will fire

up within 0.1 seconds - fast enough to catch just about any spur of the moment

photo opportunity. The autofocus capabilities react with equal speed and very little

shutter lag. Being able to capture images at 5.3 frames per second, the 60D is able

to record bursts of up to 58 large jpeg files. Never again feel that you are missing

the action because of sluggish response time of your camera.


The Canon EOS 60D puts is a feature rich DSLR which any professional

photographer would be hard pressed to find fault with. It is definitely a must have

camera for anyone looking to take a big step forward in their photographic abilities.