The capitalist system is a scam. And I don't say that from a perspective of a Marxist or an anarchist. I am a CFA charterholder. I have worked in corporate finance or in financial services industry for several years and most of the people I know have jobs similar to mine. I have traded stocks longer than I have worked a job. I say the system is a scam and I am a participant in it.

The problem comes from the adage of "work hard and save your money". That attitude was driven from the post World War blue collar era where most people worked to produce things. It is no longer applicable in our society. You could have worked hard and saved your money for years and yet come to near financial ruin thanks to a few greedy, irresponsible and short-sighted bankers in 2008. The US economy and many other countries worldwide will be economic underachievers for years thanks to these individuals.

If you work hard now, you are a slave to the capitalist system.

What irks me is that some of these willing slaves say I lack ambition because I don't give my 100% effort at my job. There are many different ways of showing ambition. You can be ambitious for maintaining good health, ambitious in your spirituality and religious beliefs, ambitious in raising your family or ambitious in starting your own business. Being ambitious in the corporate world is guaranteeing yourself only one thing – that you will be a slave to the system and to someone higher than you. As a reward for your years or decades of slavery you can get an upper-middle management type of job that pays you slightly more than the average folk. You can then get a BMW instead of a Camry, both of which will be worth pretty much the same 15 years from that point in time.

Another way the system tries to promote slavery is through the family. I know plenty of people, both friends and family, mostly males, who work like dogs to "provide" for their family. I know at least from those in my family, that they could easily afford to be unemployed for 2 years and still provide a good living. The system promotes the idea that they have to work like slaves and thus pad the wallet of someone richer than them just to survive. They don't take risks, they don't take breaks, they just work. All for materialistic gains and a feeling of safety for them and their children. In reality that is the worst thing they can do for their kids. Their children will grow up not knowing the parent because they spent all their time at work.

Capitalism and communism are pretty much the same. In communism you are a slave to the state. In capitalism you are slave to the corporation. In capitalism however, there is s slight window of opportunity. For the system to work, they have to throw crumbs off the table to the masses and promote a perception of freedom which opens a small window of opportunity for those who choose to take it. They know that the vast majority of the population won't take advantage so the system is safe for them.

How do you take advantage of the capitalist system? By avoiding or minimizing being a cog in the system and by spending as much time gaining money through capitalist means yourself. If you work for a corporation treat it only as a paycheque and focus your extra energy and ambition in promoting your personal causes.

How do you do you do this? I have a few suggestions:

1. Trading the capital markets through the stock market and Foreign Exchange (FX Trading). This can be very profitable and many people make a living off of just that. However it is risky in that the income is inconsistent month to month and you can lose if you're not good at it. In trading the capital markets you can gain or lose money. It takes a lot of practice to be good. In the other suggestions you can only gain money or gain money faster. You can read many of my other articles for some information on the capital markets.

2. Taking advantage of web traffic through the Google Adsense program. Ironically this window is provided by a big corporation but it is a good one nonetheless. Whether it is writing for InfoBarrel, writing your own blog, or through another means of gathering web traffic, it is possible to make a liveable income just off of this.

3. Online affiliate programs. Try to sign up for as many affiliate/sales programs as possible, such as Amazon and Clickbank.

4. Multilevel marketing programs. MLM is basically the corporate structure on a small level. If you sign up for a program and get a lot of people who work hard to sign up underneath you, you earn money while they do the work.

Feel free to add other suggestions to this list.