You can get all of the working and assistance to become the best at the workers training center. LV, Nevada is where this fine facility is located and it has more classes available then you can imagine. This is like the Ivy League University for carpenters. The Carpenters International Training facility is a pretty cool place. Here are 3 things that make the workers working center in Las Vegas a cool place.

Shop Class on Steroids

If you thought you had a big shop class in high school then you should see the shop rooms at the carpenters working center Las Vegas. There are over 60,000 square feet of shop space. That is about 60 times the floors space of your home!

Carpentry Training


Not only do they offer a variety of working for carpenters of all different skill levels, but you also are accessing some of the best carpentry training in the World. A worker with inadequate skills is a liability to any company he may get hired on with. A professional carpenter with a strong understanding of carpentry will be high in demand and this is exactly what you get at the carpenters training center. LV is often thought of as a party and vacation destination but there is a lot more to Las Vegas. The carpentry working college here is one of the reasons this Desert City is able to attract workers from all over who come here to further their skills.

Green Construction

The Las Vegas carpentry training center offers specialized courses in numerous aspects of carpentry. They can even customize a working program to fit your company needs. One of the most interesting and popular courses that is available at the LV workers College is the green building courses. The green construction courses continue to grow on popularity each year as the green construction trade becomes more common and requested among people who need to hire carpenters.