The Casio Privia PX-130 88 key stage piano is a full size keyboard but it plays with the feel of a classical piano.  What makes this digital keyboard better than most instruments is it’s state of the art 88 professionally weighted hammer action keys, unique and light weight design, and its incredibly clear 128 note polyphony.  I have had this keyboard for over a year now, and it doesn’t disappoint.  All of its realistic and innovative features make this digital piano one of the very best on the market today.  This keyboard is the perfect electronic piano whether you are a seasoned performer or just getting started.

                The 88 fully weighted hammer actions keys are one of the main features that set this digital piano apart from others.  It includes a standard full 88-key key board which is rare for most electronic instruments.  The full 88-keys, make it possible to play some of the most advanced and popular pieces of music ever written.  A full-size keyboard is a rare, but a real beneficial  find because it does not leave you missing vital registers present in a full piano.  Each key is weighted for amazing dynamics and realistic expression. The weighted keys make it possible to fill each piece with the dynamics that it is meant to be played with, something that is rarely found in other electronic instruments. The hammer action set-up gives you the feel of playing a classic piano. This feature of the Casio Privia is especially rewarding because it makes you feel like you are playing a traditional piano.  This is something that is truly a wonderful feature because there is nothing like playing a piece on a traditional, classic piano.  The state of the art keys make playing any piece or composition on this keyboard a delightful experience.

                The lightweight and innovative design of this digital piano makes it easy to move around and use in any situation.  This super sleek piano only weighs 25 lbs, so it is fairly portable;  whether you are taking it to practice for a gig with your band or loading it in the van for a road trip the Casio Privia will travel with you.  The sleek keyboard comes with a relatively stylish stand that can be used when needed, but isn’t required to use.  The design of the stand makes it easy to set up in most conditions as it is compact enough to fit into tight spaces while still performing the same.  This keyboard also features SD card and USB ports so you can take your music with you.  This allows you to record as you play, and then export your creation somewhere else.  From there you can edit, save, and share all of your piano experiences.  Another impressive and innovative feature is the option to add the traditional three pedals: soft, sostenuto, and damper.  This is another rare option for an electronic piano, and is something that should definitely not be taken for granted.  Having this option continues to prove how innovative Casio is with their digital pianos. This beautiful keyboard is just as portable as it is innovative and functional making it perfect for any situation.

                The Casio Privia features a clear 128 note polyphony.  This means that any 128 notes can be played simultaneously.  This makes it so any piece you play doesn’t get any notes cut out making sound to its full potential.  The 128 note polyphony is especially helpful when playing scales, arpeggios and runs, all important tools in any piano player’s toolbox. This feature is also really nice because it gives you the ability to layer sounds to create beautiful chords and compositions without the worry of dropped notes.  This keyboard also features USB and SD ports so that you can take all of your music away from the keyboard.  The 128 note polyphony of this digital piano makes it so that everything you take off of the keyboard sounds as amazing as possible.  The value of having a feature like this is to be able to share and recreate every piece of music that you play using your Casio Privia PX-130. 

                This product is one of the most innovative and impressive keyboards of our time, and I would recommend it to anyone.  It is more than just an electronic instrument.  With its 88 fully weighted, hammer-action keys, light weight and innovative design and portability, and it’s amazing 128 note polyphony this piano will not disappoint.  The Casio Privia PX-130 with all of its sate of the art features is the perfect and affordable digital piano