One Smart Camera

Are you looking for something different in a pocket camera? The Casio

TRYX takes advanced photographic technology and puts it in an affordable

($249.99) package. For the everyday photographer looking to explore their

creative and artistic side, Casio has done a great job of blending innovative

style, a high speed performance zoom lens, the amazing creative options of

High Dynamic Range technology built into a camera, and the ability to create

stunning full 360 degree panoramic photos. This camera will be sure to satisfy

all photographers of any level.


">The Casio TRYX is one of more innovative cameras to come on the market

in 2011. While only time will tell if the bold innovative styling will prove to be

more more functional than gimicky, Casio should get a lot of credit for breaking

away from the status quo in pocket cameras. 


To start off, the Casio TRYX has a built in stand that allows the camera to be set up securely on a variety of surfaces. Shoot securely from a table top?  No problem. Want to hang the camera off a coat rack? Be my guest.  The possibilities are endless. This functionality gives the photographer incredible freedom for handling all kinds of photo opportunities from self portraits and group shots to low angle macro closeups. Again, if you can imagine it, you can shoot it with this camera. Besides the built in stand, the Casio TRYX’s rotating frame can turn the screen in any position.  So you can take that self portrait with confidence that you will be in the picture and not that dying potted plant in the corner.   Finally, the 3 inch touch screen is a definite plus when it comes to viewing pictures or performing on camera editing tasks. These bold features certainly make the Casio TRYX stand apart from other cameras in the pocket camera field.


Speaking of self portraits.  Casio has designed a very ingenius feature with the Motion-Activated Timer.  Rather than push the shutter button and race around the camera hoping to get into the picture before the beeping stops, the TRYX will trigger the shutter button with simply waving your hand in front of the “virtual” button.


Along with the innovative styling of the TRYX, Casio continues to push

the envelop of what a pocket camera can be by including its Super Resolution

technology, which can enhance the camera’s optical zoom by up

to 2x. This proprietary feature allows the camera to maintain superior clarity

and image quality. While not a long zoom, the Super Resolution technology

provides enough power and performance to make the TRYX a versatile option for

most everyday photographer.


Regardless of what the photography purists say about High Dynamic

Range (HDR), it is hard to ignore the fact that this technique creates some

striking images. By including this feature in the TRYX, Casio has brought home

the ability to create such amazing photos to the everyday photographer. What

once required a high end DSLR cameras and expensive software are now in the

hands of one simple point and shoot camera. Casio achieves the HDR

performance by blending the High-Speed CS with the high-speed large-volume

data processing capabilities of the Exilim Engine HS. Part of the process that the

camera uses is to combine digital information from a burst of multiple images

and then blends the details of each image taken at different exposures to create

a photograph that explodes with a wide dynamic range of detail. What all

of this boils down to is giving every photographer the ability to create stunning

new digital images.


Again, keeping in line with Casio’s intention of pushing the creative

element with the new Tryk, Casio also has included an exclusive HDR Art mode

that allows the photographer an amazing tool to create artistic impressions. All

of this is achieved with the TRYX’s ability to capture a burst of CS images and the

simple touch of the shutter button. When in the HDR Art mode, the camera

automatically processes the photos by slightly adjusting the strength of contrast

in the light and dark areas of combined photos. Normally, this type of photo

processing can only be done with a high end camera placed on a tripod. How

many spur of the moment photo opportunities have been loss to this cumbersome

set up requirement? Now, with the Casio TRYX, the camera takes a burst of

pictures at different levels of exposure and then the photographer can process the

images on a computer. The HDR Art mode lets you really explore your creative

digital limits.


Another major feature for the landscape photography enthusiast, the TRYX includes an impressive slide Panorama option to capture the really BIG picture. By pressing and holding the shutter button and slowly panning across your scene you are able to capture the largest image scope possible - 360 degrees! What a great

way to bring home those dramatic travel pictures. What works well with this

feature is that no software stitching post processing is necessary. Everything is

all completed on board the camera.


Additional features include full high definition video (1280 x 1080 at 30 frames per second and 1280 x 720 at 30 frames per second) and preloaded software that allows makes uploading your pictures and videos to the most popular social networking sites a breeze.  While in the field, you can preselect the pictures and videos that you want to upload, and when you connect your camera to a computer the process will happen automatically to the sites you have chosen.



The creative options are limitless in the reasonably priced (list

$249.99) Casio TRYX. Whether you want to remember that night out with friends

with the versatile fold out handle, explore the artistic image making High

Dynamic Range technology, or work on the big canvas of a a 360 degree

Panorama, ">the Casio TRYX is taking the pocket camera in amazingly new

direction. It’s no wonder that this camera garnered praise at this year’s 2011