King Ludwig II built a castle on an island in Chiemsee, the largest lake within the borders of Germany. He loved the castle at Versailles and used it as inspiration for the Chiemsee castle. It was never finished, and he only spent eleven days in residence there. In fact, Ludwig built three castles, only completing one of them: Linderhof. His castle at Neuschwanstein is reportedly the inspriation for the Disneyland Castle. Ludwig himself was not a popular man, mean tempered and obese, but his castles have brought millions of tourists and their money to Germany so the German people have forgiven this once reviled king. He died at a rather young age under mysterious circumstances.

The castle grounds at Chiemsee are beautiful, filled with fountains and statues. Photography is not allowed within the castle itself, but the attached video is from photos taken on the castle grounds. The photos were taken in June, 2007, and the flowers were blooming and the fountains were all operating.

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