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The No. 1 Cause of Success

Why do most people never achieve everything they want to in their life?

Why does success seem to be dished out by chance to some people while everyone else that works just as hard to accomplish what they want, never seem to be handed those "lucky breaks"?

If you pay attention and study successful people's lives, you will find that there is one major difference between people who succeed and people who only manage to get by.

The No. 1 Cause of Success is Desire

When you desire something, you are completely consumed with making sure that you will achieve what you desire. Any and all tasks that may stand as obstacles to some people, will give way to your intense desire and motivation. This is stronger than mere "want" mind you. This is desire. Desire will elevate a human being far above any limitations or obstacles that you might have had before. We have all heard that phrase, "Where there's a will, there's a way." But do you ever stop and really think about what that phrase is saying? Where there's a will, there's a way. That means when you have a desire, or a will, towards achieving or attaining something, IT IS POSSIBLE.

Think about it, the Wright brothers want to fly. But human being can't fly. How absurd! We don't even have wings. It's just not possible! Yet, there's a reason everyone knows who they are and what they accomplished. Today, we are never far from anywhere, just a short period of time. You can fly anywhere in the world in about a day. Of course, we completely take that for granted in today's age. But back in the time of the Wright brothers, you would've been thrown in the crazy house for thinking that commercial air travel on a global scale was possible like it is today. Where there's a will, there's a way.

"Well that doesn't make any sense! I've desire achieving _____ for a long time and there hasn't been any real progress."

Unfortunately, there is a poison that kills any chance of success. It kills any desire to achieve or progress toward any worthy goal. That poison is called Fear


Fear forces us to back away from what we really desire. Fear is so toxic to our success because desire for something bigger and better automatically produces some fear of failure. Why? Nobody wants to be seen as a failure. It's embarrassing. 

Fear also closes our minds to opportunities that "aren't possible" or "seem too risky." Fear paralyses people's ability to originate creative thoughts and improvise to achieve a desired result. There's a difference between living and just being alive. You will never be able to succeed and live the live you want until you learn to release and master your fear.With your fear dead and gone, your desire then has room to take over and lead your thoughts and actions to success. Then, all you have to do is keep yourself motivated and your desire will take you where you need to go.

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