Season 5

Cast Line-Up

     The all new season of The Celebrity Apprentice premiers on Sunday , February 12th, 2012. The show will be airing on NBC.  Donald Trump will have his hands full with the cast that was chosen for this season. This season’s cast line-up includes the likes of a ‘Real Housewife”, a former Miss Universe, a former pop idol and an “American Idol”, and that’s just for starters.  As always, the celebrity contestants will be competing for a prize of $250,000 for charity.

   From my understanding, the celebrities will be split into two teams. As done before, the men will be playing against the women.  The fifth season is sure to be a hit with crime boss, John Gotti’s daughter, Victoria Gotti as part of the cast. She is expected to be very tough and will stand strong amongst the other celebrities. There is rumors in the air about how Victoria Gotti and “tough as nails” Teresa Guidice will get along. Personally, I think there will be drama from the beginning with these two women.  At any rate, it will make for one hell of a season. As a side note, it is an interesting fact that Donald Trump actually dropped out of the race for presidency in order to do this show. He was told that he was not allowed to run unless he cancelled the taping of the show. I'm particularly happy that he chose to do the show rather than continue his campaign to be president of the Unites States.  Stay tuned here for updates and commentary after each episode.

   Personally speaking, I would like to see Victoria Gotti and Teresa Guidice end up in the Finale. I want to see them go head to head and I'm pretty sure that would make for some pretty big ratings booster. Enjoy the show, folks.




Men’s Team:

Clay Aiken – American Idol

Lou Ferrigno – Bodybuilder

Penn Jillette – Penn & Teller

Paul Teutul Sr. – American Chopper

Arsenio Hall – Actor, Talk Show host

Adam Corolla – Actor, Talk Show host

Michael Andretti – Nascar Driver

Dee Snider – Singer

George Takei - Actor

Women’s Team:

Teresa Guidice – Reality Show Actress

Victoria Gotti – Daughter of John Gotti (Mob Boss)

Debbie Gibson – Singer

Aubrey O’ Day – Reality Show, Model, Singer

Tia Carrerre – Actress

Cheryl Tiegs – Actress, Supermodel

Patricia Velasquez – Actress, Supermodel

Dayana Mendoza – Miss Universe

Lisa Lampanelli - Comedian