The Center for Disease Control has been calling homes all over the United States and they have been asking if you can help them with a survey.  If you tell them no, they will try to get you to stay on the phone by telling you that they will compensate you for your time.  This is one of the ways that they can drag you in.  Most people agree to the survey if they can earn an extra few bucks for it.  They don't realize that this information really isn't worth the little bit that they may get for it.  Their rights are being violated by getting asked these personal questions.

The Center for Disease Control asks very personal questions.  They ask if you, your children and everyone else in your family has been vaccinated.  Most people have no idea as to why they are asking these questions so they simply respond with the truth.  The Center for Disease Control is trying to get into your personal life to vaccinated you or your children if they have not been yet.  After they call your home and get your information they will show up at your door stating that it is the law that your child needs to be vaccinated.  This is absolutely wrong of them.  You have the right to say no and to tell them to not come back.  The CDC has gone as far as trying to get information from family, friends and neighbors about that status of your family’s vaccinations.  They will tell others to give them a call if they have any information on you.  By doing this they are invading personal privacy and it is not right. 

Do you want to live vaccine free with your child?

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How to live a vaccine free life with your child.

Of course your probably know the reasons as to why you should not vaccinate your children.  Only 1% of flu vaccines are effective, intaking vitamin D is over 800% more effective and flu shots have been linked to many diseases and problems.  By getting your correct dose of vitamin D you also do not have any side effects.  The Vitamin D is sounded much better by now, isn't it?

There are ways for you to avoid the CDC all together.  Screening your calls is important.  If you see their number come up on your caller i.d. do not answer it.  This is probably the easiest and less stressful way to handle things.  Another way to avoid them is to simply answer the phone and tell them that you are not interested in the survey.  Legally, there is nothing that they can do about it.  Remember you have the freedom and right to not inject your children or yourself.  Do not let the CDC scare you by saying it is the law when it is clearly not.

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The CDC can provide some great information for citizens to remember in order to live a healthy life.