In order for a story or a game to be interesting, there has to be conflict. After all, there can be no "Romeo and Juliet" without the quarrel of the families. There can be no Batman without Gotham's criminal element.

In order for an adventure to occur, there has to be a goal and there have to be elements blocking the way to that goal. Chaos Warhammer is, in a sense, the very element which gives flavor to the entire story.

Chaos is the force that stirs up the orderly lives of the races and people involved in the Warhammer universes. Without the forces of Chaos, the various settings would be in order and ultimately, boring.

Because of the entry of Chaos, empires are divided and beliefs are torn asunder. This conflict gives birth to heroes and villains and between them, arise stories, epics, battles and campaigns.

In the Warhammer universe, chaos is represented by different gods. These deities represent different aspects, such as:

1) Hate and Violence – the most visible of all elements of chaos, hatre and violence is manifested in murder and war. Violence as an entity cares not from whom the blood flows as long as it keeps flowing.

2) Corruption of Change – Often, the imbalance of an orderly world comes from an uncontrolled and unmonitored change. Technology, for example, is developed mainly for good, but this development can be corrupted for evil purpose.

3) Lust and Desire – A subtle, yet powerful agent, lust personified in Chaos Warhammer causes people to seek pleasure through extreme means, often causing madness and destruction. Many have fallen prey to its whisperings and end up slaves to their own lusts.

4) Decay and Destruction – if a culture is left to stagnate, its doom becomes inevitable. Decay and decomposition in Chaos Warhammer is a force to be reckoned with, as people find in it a total lack of hope. This despair, in the end, brings out the worst in people.

Chaos Warhammer is a game made more interesting by the interplay between these four elements. As you can see, there can actually be no total order among the forces of chaos, as each element opposes the others. Because of this, those who seek to oppose chaos have more than one battle ahead of them.