Have you ever wonder why do we look the way we do? What are the reasons behind our external bodily appearance? Well, there are many different explanations which can clarify and answer these questions to the human mind. There are various reasons which plays huge role in the way we look or the way we are. Those reasons can be genetics, ethnical/racial, physical, psychological, external, or internal which gives every individual a unique characteristic. Here, is the detailed explanation of all these reasons.


Genetics are the first and foremost deciding factors, when it comes to the human appearance. When we born, our genetics also born with us inside our body. We inherit all the unique or various characteristics that our parents or some of the near as well as far distant family members have. For example, the way our face looks, or certain part of the face, skin color, hair color, height, and body weight etc. That's why we hear people saying, "Oh! You look just like your father/mother!" This statement can be heard in many different versions regarding your outer body appearance.

Ethnical or Racial Reasons

Besides genetics, ethnicity or race also comes along with you when you are born. Human's appearance, their body structure, and skin color are also shaped by these factors. For example, if someone is born in India, then they would look in certain way. Their overall appearance, body structure, hair color, and skin color would have certain identical characteristics to be considered as an Indian.

Physical Reasons

Physical appearance can easily be fall under the category of genetics, but some other reasons are important to identify in this section. When it comes to genetics, one can not argue or explain certain things which might be happening with our body. For Example, if someone has a problem of heavy weight because of the heredity, then it is not a good idea to totally question some one's situation. But, at the same time if the same person was over eating and continue to do that, then the external physical appearance of him can be totally held responsible on him. Every person has total control over their body and how they want to take care of their physicality.

One's physical appearance not only depends on the human mind, but also the age factor plays huge role. As we get older, our body parts, immune system, brain, and everything seems to get older too. The energy level, excitement, and activity level might change because of the aging. One can not be the same as they were in their childhood or adulthood or at least when they were fairly young. As the aging takes it place, our skin and the texture or look of the skin can change too. It can loose its elasticity and become looser rather than tight, having wrinkles is one of the examples. Aging brings more problems to physical appearance, for example hearing loss, weak eye sight, hair loss or hairs thinning, lower immune system, and overall body weaknesses. So, the physical appearance can play huge role in the showcasing the human appearance.

Psychological Reasons

Psychological issues can be one of the reasons that make vast difference in changing the people's looks in positive or negative way. It is really necessary to be strong not only physically but also mentally too. If one can not accept the way they look, the way their body structure is, such as about getting older, losing hair then it would definitely affect their external and internal appearance. On the other hand, if someone is happy and has good satisfaction about their looks then they would surely be able to cut down some of the age number from their real age and appears more vibrant.

External Reasons

There are many external attributes which helps in enhancing or worsening the appearance of humans. For girls or women, they try to change their looks by adopting different fashionable clothing, style, sandals, hair style, make up, jewelry, or plastic surgery. While on the other hand for boys or men, they also try out different choices, such as clothes, belts, shoes, watches, tattoos, caps, and other accessories to enhance their looks. So, external attributes can also make difference in the way people's looks changes.

Internal Reasons

As there are external aspects of human appearance, there are internal aspects too which are equally important to recognize. Various kinds of feelings, thought process, behavior, and emotions can also affect in shaping your appearance. The external appearance would change with the kind of feelings that are running through your body. It does show on one's face or their behavior somehow. For example, if someone is angry, happy, or sad, you can tell what kind of feelings they are going through by looking at their outer appearance. We have heard people saying for example, "Oh! You look angry!" "You seem to be so happy today!" Thus, internal factors also affect the way human looks.

All these aspects are very important and crucial to be aware of before understanding the science behind the human appearances. Now, you know most of the reasons behind why people look or appear in certain way.