What A Libra Finds Most Attractive

Libras are very approachable, with an easy going, laid back personality that makes you comfortable with them right away. Libras love to be flattered and admired. Be sure to pay your Libra plenty of compliments to keep them feeling special. It is easy to get a Libra to talk about any subject; they like to come across as intelligent and well versed on current events. But the subject Libras like to discuss more than any other is themselves. Are you looking to attract an elegant, graceful Libra? Pay attention to what they say, flatter them, and ask them questions about their likes and dislikes; hobbies and interests. Libras are experts at seeing things from the other point of view, but they will still promote their own opinions when they can. Starting a discussion that explores both sides of an issue will be sure to keep your Libra interested in the exchange. Libras love luxury and refinement so dress well, and bring your Libra date to a nice place. Being a cheapskate does not impress a Libra! Libras remember their first impressions of people so relax and put your best foot forward so your Libra will have a good memory of your first meeting.

Erogenous Zones for Libras:

Libras are especially sensitive in the lower back area. Careful attention paid to this area of a Libra's body will pay off in an even better experience for both of you. Kissing her lightly on the back, or caressing the lower back and neck will likely make your Libra shiver with delight. Many Libras are aroused by light smacks and pinches on the buttocks.

Libra Sex:

Libra is an air sign, which means that much of what she finds sexy and stimulating will involve her mind as well as her body. For all their love of finery, the Libra possesses a quick and agile mind which is in need of attention as well. Do not rush through foreplay, and pay plenty of compliments to keep your Libra happy. If you bring your Libra to a lovely area (perhaps a quaint Inn) they will not only enjoy themselves, but appreciate it as well. Libras love rich and costly things and will repay the favor with interest! You cannot be lazy when you are in a relationship with a Libra; they want their partner to be as accomplished and attractive as they are themselves.

They love the dramatic, romantic encounter and will play it as though they were stars in a classic movie. Compliment a Libra on their appearance and watch them stretch and purr like a pampered cat. Libras love being in love and will be creative and dedicated lovers. As well as you keep them feeling special, they will always be willing to please you by trying something different. Nothing cheap or tawdry will do for a Libra though. You must always set the stage with elegance. Scented candles, long, slow sensual massages with fine oils and plenty of foreplay are what a Libra craves.

Your Libra will be a natural flirt, so you can introduce some role playing, as long as they get to dress up as something classy. Libras are stimulated by new surroundings and interesting people so bringing a Libra to explore a charming little boutique or bistro is right up their alley. Keeping your love life fresh and exciting by bringing in new ideas will help keep the relationship with your Libra healthy for the long term.