Gone were the days where Bluetooth headsets are only for the few. It is a common fact that this type of headset is more expensive than the wired headset.

Yet today, Bluetooth headsets became a must-have for every person owning a mobile phone. It is also a general fact that most mobile phones are equipped with Bluetooth device to enable them to transfer files from other devices such as other mobile phone or laptops or PCs.

With the Bluetooth in place, the cheapest Bluetooth headset becomes a must-have. The most attractive feature of the Bluetooth headset is that it you can take calls hands-free.

Local government laws have mandated every driver to have a hands-free device that will enable them to take calls without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

It is also of great convenience since the headset requires only wearing it on only on one side of the ear, enabling the driver to hear the noise around him while taking calls.

For the young ones, the wireless headsets are also attractive. It can make them look like a pop star or a James Bond type of an agent while walking and listening to their favorite mp3.

With greater flexibility, these young ones can be given other task while chatting to their friends rather than sit and talk over the phone the whole day through. With these necessities on hand, you may want to scout for the cheapest Bluetooth headset for every member of the family.

You should check out the:

Sound quality – this must be the first priority. The headset becomes useless if the sound is inaudible and scrambled, making the communication harder. Don't settle for the cheapest Bluetooth headset if the sound quality is questionable.

If you own more than one phone with Bluetooth device, then you may want to buy a headset that can connect to two mobile devices at the same time. This can be great for your young ones who are so fond of spending long hours chatting with their friends.

The design of the headset – for sure having a tiny piece of device that fits securely on your ear can be fashionable, but the question is, is it comfortable?

For sure, you would not want to hear the complaints of your house members having the feeling that their headsets are uncomfortable, urging and begging you for a replacement right away.