First time cruisers and weekend party hardies may want to take the cheapest cruise to Mexico from Los Angeles for their first foray into weekend cruising, partying, and/or simple relaxation. The port of Long Beach has cruise departures from most of the major cruise ships in varying lengths of duration.

Of all the different cruise ships and companies such as Norwegian, Holland America, Princess, and Celebrity probably the most all around cheapest cruises are offered by Carnival Cruise Lines. They aren't necessarily the best or worst value for your money they simply cost less.

The reason why most Carnival cruises cost less has to do with many of the amenities onboard, the atmosphere onboard, as well as the cruise duration. The simple fact of the matter is that many people who go on Carnival cruises out of the Los Angeles - Long Beach cruise ship terminal tend to take short cruises. They also tend to be a younger crowd who is more interested in drinking and we all know what kind of profit margins alcohol can lead to.

Despite the characteristics of the typical cruise ship patron looking for the cheapest weekend getaway most people looking for inexpensive cruises from Long Beach are also looking for short trips for quick getaways. Long Beach has a lot of discount cruises departing from their port from all the major carriers but Carnival has the most frequent short trip cheap cruises and has a bit of variety to choose from as well.

Cruise To Mexico From Los AngelesThe cheapest standard cruise that is going on all year round is probably their three night cruise which leaves the Long Beach port on Friday afternoon makes a stop in Ensenada on Saturday, sails the sea on Sunday and returns to Long Beach port on Monday morning. There are other cheap cruise deals such as there four night cruise to Catalina and Ensenada as well as some similar cheap cruise deals to Mexico from San Diego but often this three night cruise from Long Beach is the lowest cost option.

This cruise occurs most of the year every weekend and it gets very heavily discounted in the winter months. If you cruise the first week of December or the last week of January you can typically count on getting the best priced cruise to Mexico of the entire year depending on how good of a sale shopper you are.

If you can wait until the best sales are published you can often get suites to Ensenada from Los Angeles for just $400 to $500, window rooms for sometimes as low as $250, and inside staterooms for sometimes less than $200. It's not unheard of to find the short cruises in the off season to Ensenada for as low as $150 per person plus taxes and fees. That includes all meals and most drinks too which makes a three four or five day cruise an especially cheap deal.

If you really want to book the cheapest Mexican cruise from Los Angeles you will want to plan to travel in the late Fall and Winter months away from the holidays. You will want to subscribe to the email newsletters of Carnival and the major Cruise package companies like CruisesOnly and Cruise Direct. Consider following each of these companies on Facebook and Twitter for potential unannounced deals or last minute offers and then get yourself a credit card that give you good rewards points for cruise travel.

If you shop efficiently and have a wide open schedule you should be able to book some great deals during these times of the year. Of course peak times and holidays will be far more expensive but the short trips on Carnival to Ensenada and Catalina Island will almost always be the cheapest cruises from Los Angeles no matter the time of the year. They are fun and for the novice cruiser they are a good taste of what a cruise vacation can offer you, your friends, and your family.

Each of these short and cheap cruises to Baja California offer plenty of shore excursion packages which can be conveniently purchased through the cruise ships, online booking portals, or at the port when you arrive at Catalina or Ensenada. Typically the cheapest deals on shore excursions will be found after you arrive in port at your scheduled stop but they may be booked if you wait that long.

Another thing to consider when planning for the costs of a cruise out of Long Beach is getting to and from the cruise ship terminal and the long-term parking of your car if you choose to use the nearby parking. Parking can be expensive for three to four nights and cab rides can get a little high as well.

There are options like trains but an old fashioned ride to the terminal will obviously be the cheapest. It's not unheard of to pay fifty bucks just for parking so if you are looking for a cheap cruise vacation, keep the costs of parking and gratuity on board in mind. Typical gratuity on discount cruise ships is usually around $10 per day per person. You can negotiate these fees lower but most people feel this is appropriate for the services they receive on board.