There is no rule which is always applicable in life. There are no absolutes however you can generally believe certain statements to be generally true. In this case I contend that the cheapest keyless entry deadbolt locking systems are not worth your money and certainly shouldn’t be used on your exterior doors.

Just take a look at the reviews on the cheapest keyless entry door locks and you’ll find that the door locking mechanisms which are on the low end of the price spectrum are almost always represented by lower reviews on average.

This is important in my opinion because a door lock is supposed to lock your door and secure yourself and your belongings behind it. If your deadbolt doesn’t adequately protect your security is it really worth buying? I say no.

Reasons Why Cheap Keyless Entry Push Button Door Locks Get Low Reviews

Mechanical Push Button Door LocksThere are any number of reasons why different types of keypad deadbolts get low reviews but in summary they boil down to a few common complaints. They are poor mechanical durability, failure in electronic functionality, and the occasional complaint regarding installation.

Of course not all cheap locks will be similarly bad on average I find that locks which sell for less than $100 tend to be made of cheaper parts making the entire keyless deadbolt system feel a little flimsy. This can sometimes just be a feeling but other times it can actually provide poor security if the product breaks through normal wear and tear or through tampering.

Obviously exterior door locks are meant for security so it would make sense to buy something that actually does the job. In my opinion you should install anything special at all if you don’t care about your door lock actually working well.

Electronic Push Button Keyless  Door LockOne of the cheapest keyless entry deadbolt locks I’ve seen has review after review of people who say the lock stops working after just weeks of use. Others suggest it is simply a throwaway lock that you may find some use for over the course of a month or so. The only way I could see this being of value is for temporary installations on a home under construction. If you have many contractors coming to the property a cheap keypad entry system can give them access while keeping everybody else out.

The Best Price Keypad Deadbolts For Your Money

Cheap Push Button Door Lock - All WeatherOn the flip side you don’t have to go overboard either. A good deadbolt system can usually be purchased in the $90 to $150 range. Many keyless entry door lock systems can be found in excess of $200, $300, and even $400 but for the budget conscious consumer a deadbolt priced in the $100 to $150 range will usually do great. Just be sure to check the reviews of past customers. Amazon makes that easy.

To start off try reviewing the Schlage BE365VCAM716 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt system which has a retail price of over $200 but can routinely be found on Amazon on the low side of $100. It has ridiculously good reviews, is made of high quality materials, and has an optional key for keyless or keyed entry. You may spend a bit more on a deadbolt like this but you won’t have to fix it or replace the thing a few months later.